Why did Hawking warn mankind? Is it alarmist for human beings to escape from the earth in 200 years?

The rapid development of human modern science and technology is inseparable from the joint exploration of previous scientists. Although many excellent scientists have left us, their theories and predictions have become the driving force of the development of science and technology. Hawking is a great scientist in the world. He not only promotes the progress of science and technology, but also makes predictions about the earth. His predictions about the earth, however, make us worried. He believes that the earth will be destroyed within 200 years, and if human beings want to survive, they can only migrate to other planets.


Many changes have taken place in the earth’s environment in 2020


Hawking’s remarks were made in an exclusive interview with the US News in 2010, which caused a great stir on the Internet at that time. Although 200 years is still a long time for human beings, in the universe it is just a flick of a finger. At the current level of technology, can humans really escape from the earth within 200 years? Many people doubt this and think that Hawking’s statement has no scientific basis.


At present, the earth has existed for more than 4 billion years. Even though the environment of the universe is changing every moment, human beings are still safe on the earth. So many people have slowly forgotten Hawking’s prediction. But since 2020, the earth’s environment seems to have undergone irreversible changes. With the frequent occurrence of various natural disasters, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and many non renewable resources are facing disappearance, Hawking’s Doomsday prediction has come into people’s sight again.


Solar activity will affect human survival


All stars in the universe have a life span. The reason why the earth can be safe and sound is inseparable from the sun. It is with the solar activity that the earth can have a stable living environment and life can flourish here. However, according to the exploration of scientists, in the next four billion years, the sun’s activity will gradually end and go to destruction. At that time, without the protection of the sun, how long could the earth exist?


Human activities are also the fuse of the earth’s environmental changes


In addition to the gradual weakening of solar activity, human behavior is also the main cause of livability. There is an ecological balance in nature. Due to the trend of interests, human beings continue to exploit natural resources, indiscriminately catch and kill rare species, resulting in the destruction of the ecological balance, causing all kinds of extreme weather and natural disasters. Nowadays, the temperature is increasing year by year, and the thick glaciers are gradually melting, which will not only raise the sea level, but also release some ancient bacteria. According to the current earth environment, human beings must speed up the search for a second planet. Hawking’s prediction may not be alarmist.


Although many scientists have made predictions about the future environment, many people do not want to verify Hawking’s prediction. What do you think of Hawking’s prediction? Welcome to discuss in the comment area.

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