Why did Hawking warn mankind not to contact with alien civilizations? It turns out that the consequences are so serious

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they know that the earth is so small that human science and technology are nothing in front of the universe. At the same time, people are also aware of a problem: that is the possibility of the existence of alien civilization.

Perhaps before human beings walk out of the earth, many people will say with pride: “human beings are the only intelligent life and the only civilization in the universe.”. However, when human beings walk out of the earth, this kind of sound will be much less. On the contrary, more and more people begin to believe that alien civilization exists, and human beings are not alone in the universe.

Scientists, as people at the top of human science and technology, naturally believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, so soon after human beings stepped out of the earth, they began to explore and find extraterrestrial civilization. Voyager-1 and voyager-2 are shouldering such an important mission to move towards the deep universe. Secondly, human beings try to contact with alien civilization by sending wireless pulse signals to the universe.


Although many scientists believe in the existence of alien civilization, not all of them advocate that human beings should actively explore, find and connect with alien civilization. Among them, Hawking’s opposition is very obvious. Hawking is a great physicist in modern times. Although he got frostbite in his 20s and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Hawking did not abandon himself, but became more angry and made great contributions to human space exploration.

Hawking is a staunch supporter of the existence of alien civilization. He believes that there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization. However, unlike other scientists, Hawking is very opposed to human attempts to contact with alien civilizations. He has repeatedly warned human beings: do not try to contact with alien civilizations, otherwise it may bring great disasters to the earth and human beings.

Why did Hawking warn mankind several times not to contact with alien civilizations? In fact, everything he did was for human beings. Hawking believes that as long as it is intelligent life, there will be good and evil, and human beings often fight to death because of some resources or other contradictions, not to mention the powerful alien civilization.

In the vast universe, there must be extraterrestrial civilizations who love peace, are kind and willing to help low-level civilizations. Naturally, there are also malicious civilizations who like to invade and destroy other civilizations. Once human beings get in touch with alien civilizations, it is possible to expose the earth’s coordinates. At that time, we can’t determine whether the alien civilizations contacting with human beings are good or evil.


If it’s a kind and peace loving civilization, it’s a good thing to say that it’s possible that with the help of alien civilization, human beings can enter the interstellar civilization faster and enter the real universe civilization circle. However, if human beings unfortunately encounter a malicious civilization that likes to invade, it may be a great disaster waiting for human beings.

Let’s imagine that if an alien civilization can cross the interstellar space to the solar system and the earth, it will be several light years from the earth. However, it will take at least tens of thousands of years for human science and technology to cross several light years. But if the alien civilization can come to the earth in a very short time, it means that the alien civilization has at least mastered the technology of sub light speed flight, which is at least hundreds of years ahead of human beings.

In the field of science and technology, there is a huge gap between the scientific and technological strength of mankind a hundred years ago and that of today. A hundred years ago, mankind did not have nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and other destructive weapons, but now such weapons can bring the end of human civilization.


There is such a big gap between the scientific and technological strength of human beings in the past 100 years, so the alien civilization which is hundreds of years more advanced than human beings can not be confronted by the scientific and technological strength of human beings now. Maybe the ultimate weapon of human pride, nuclear bomb, may be similar to toys in the eyes of alien civilization. And alien civilization may easily destroy the earth, this huge power gap, human beings will have no chance to win. The alien invasion of the earth in the sci-fi movie, the scene of human finally getting the benefit, may be just a dream.

If the malicious alien civilization comes to the earth, even if it does not destroy human beings, then the fate of human beings may be even more miserable. I believe many friends know that human beings experienced primitive society. At that time, there was slavery. People at the lower level were slaves of powerful people. Slaves had no human rights at all. Whether they lived or died depended on the feelings of powerful people.

If malicious alien civilizations invade the earth, then different races naturally have no human rights. In the eyes of malicious alien civilizations, human beings may be slaves, goods that can be traded. Alien civilizations may capture all human beings and sell them to other alien civilizations. This kind of scene has appeared many times in some sci-fi novels and films. Although it is only made up by the author, it may not happen in the real universe.

Hawking believes that the universe also has the dark forest law. If civilizations want to have equal rights of dialogue and exchange, the strength of the two civilizations should be similar. If the strength gap is too big, it is difficult for low-level civilizations to obtain the same rights as high-level civilizations. In the eyes of high-level civilizations, low-level civilizations may be nothing at all. Such a scene can also be seen in many countries on the earth. Only powerful countries have the right to speak.


It is because of a variety of concerns that Hawking has repeatedly warned us not to try to connect with alien civilizations. Hawking’s biggest worry is that humans are actively sending strong electromagnetic pulses to a certain direction of the universe. Such wireless signals are far away. As long as there are alien civilizations in the galaxies near the sun, they may receive them.

It’s a pity that this kind of thing still happened. Medi international is a non-profit astronomical organization in Norway. They have used set-up transmitters to send relevant signals to the universe, hoping to discover the existence of alien civilization. Their signal will eventually reach a red dwarf star near the constellation Canis, which scientists call Rutan.

The distance between Rutan and the earth is about 12.36 light-years. The reason why scientists chose this target is that through observation and research, they found that there are two mysterious planets near Rutan, both of which are located in the habitable zone of the system. So the researchers think they might be two super earths.


Astronomers from medic international revealed the contents of the signals they sent. It is mainly written by binary code, which involves human mathematics, science, music and other aspects. In addition, programmers add up more than a dozen short pieces of music to the signal to see if they can resonate with alien civilizations.

Of course, it will take at least 12 years for human signals to reach Rutan. If there is an alien civilization in that galaxy and it has become a powerful one, then the alien civilization may determine the coordinates of the earth according to human signals, and then send a spaceship to the earth.

I believe all friends who have read the science fiction of “three bodies” should know that in “three bodies”, it is because there are human beings on the earth who have sent strong radio waves to the universe. Unfortunately, they were caught by the three body civilization, and then sent a fleet to the earth to attack human beings. The strength of mankind is vulnerable in the face of sanxiu civilization.

Human beings should take the initiative to hide, obscene development, until the strength is strong, have the strength to go out of the interstellar. We’ll go out of the solar system and explore other alien civilizations. At that time, even if there were malicious civilizations hostile to mankind, because we had strong technology as the backing, malicious civilizations did not dare to easily invade the earth and human territory.


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