Why did humans lose a pair of chromosomes when they were supposed to have 24 pairs? Scientists say so!

In the course of human evolution, a pair of chromosomes were lost. Were they maliciously modified or stolen?


Human beings are the most special creatures on the earth. They are very magical. They not only have wisdom, but also have rich imagination and creativity. They create products with their hands. It is these special things that make human beings the unique intelligent life on the earth. Human beings always hold a curiosity about the unknown field, and only with this curiosity can it be transformed into the power of creation. Scientists have been exploring the origin of human beings, but there are so many faults in history that even scientists can’t explain them clearly.


Long ago, people believed that human beings were created by gods. There are many legends about Nuwa’s creation of human beings, and many people firmly believe that. So far, scientists can not deny the existence of ghosts and gods. Since the emergence of Darwin’s theory of evolution, human’s original cognition has been changed. Human beings have evolved step by step since they can develop. Even now, with the development of science and technology, human beings cannot create a cell or a grain of rice out of thin air. In the course of human evolution, a pair of chromosomes were lost. Were they maliciously modified or stolen?


In addition to Darwin’s theory of evolution, there are also some people who believe that the earth can not directly give birth to life, which is closely related to the alien theory. All life on the earth is a process from scratch, which has nothing to do with its own environment. Maybe it’s an alien meteorite or comet that brought life to the earth. Everyone has their own opinions. Some people think that life on land is evolved from marine life. In more than 2 billion years, perhaps all life is just cells.


From the point of view of evolution, humans and many animals have common characteristics. It is strange that there are only 23 pairs of human chromosomes, while our ancestors, including primitive humans, have 24-year-old chromosomes. Why did humans lose a pair of chromosomes in the process of evolution? This is very strange. Through careful analysis, scientists have come up with the idea that humans have evolved from ancient apes to Neanderthals.


In the past two million years, the evolution of Homo sapiens has made great progress, as if it had been completed overnight. Many people have always believed that DNA has been rewritten in the process of human evolution. As for who rewrites it, we don’t know. Although human beings have lost a pair of chromosomes, the lost pair of chromosomes has no effect on the body. Scientists have been looking for where the lost pair of chromosomes have gone, which may be hidden in a corner or completely disappeared.


Because there is no evidence, it is difficult for scientists to give an answer. Every living thing on the earth is constantly evolving and evolving. Human beings are very special. They gradually have the ability to walk on their feet, and they have evolved distinctive facial features. All these prove the progress of human civilization. Where do you think the pair of chromatids lost in the process of human evolution have gone? You can leave a message for interaction.

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