Why did Loulan disappear suddenly? Scientists find the answer and wake up the alarm for human beings!

With the development of human civilization, there are too many unsolved mysteries on the earth waiting for human to explore. Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, and many precious relics have been left in this long time. In recent years, tomb raiding movies and TV plays have been popular, and Loulan ancient country has reappeared in front of people. Loulan was once very popular. Why did it mysteriously disappear overnight?


Mysterious Loulan ancient country


With the passage of time, Loulan ancient country reappeared in front of human beings after more than 1000 years of burial. Through the investigation of scientists, it was found that Loulan ancient city did not suffer serious disaster, but was covered by sand. Loulan ancient country has always been a controversial topic in the scientific community. In recent years, with the deepening of the research process, we re opened the mystery of Loulan ancient country. Loulan ancient country is located near Lop Nur, Xinjiang, China. In history, Loulan ancient country was once a must pass of the silk road. Due to its unique conditions, Loulan ancient country emerged a lot of wealth. For many businessmen and scholars, Loulan ancient country also gives comfort to their families.


The ancient Loulan kingdom was very prosperous at that time, which naturally attracted the eyes of Xiongnu. They once forced Loulan to attack the envoys of the Han Dynasty, so as to stimulate the contradiction between the Han Dynasty and Loulan, so as to benefit themselves. When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty knew that his world had been assassinated, it was just like the ancient kingdom of Loulan had been attacked. Naturally, he could not resist the thousands of troops of the Han Army, so King Loulan was also captured. Although the king of Loulan surrendered to Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Loulan was close to Xiongnu since then. In order to completely draw a line with the previous Loulan ancient state, Loulan state was renamed Shanshan state during the Han Dynasty. From that time on, there were heavy soldiers guarding the area. In fact, this foreshadowed the disappearance of Loulan ancient country.


The mystery of Loulan disappearing


Scientists once thought that the disappearance of Loulan ancient country was probably caused by large-scale disasters, but after their exploration, they found that there was no trace of large-scale natural disasters here. Some conspiracy theorists believe that their disappearance may be related to aliens. Over the years, the disappearance of Loulan has been controversial. With the progress of science and technology, scientists have solved the truth for us.


Loulan ancient country disappeared because of people’s deforestation at that time. Loulan’s natural environment has been damaged and water resources are in short supply. Because of the outbreak of a plague and the lack of water, Loulan people had to move elsewhere. Loulan ancient city, which once flourished, has become an empty city. In thousands of years of evolution, it has already become a desert, so it is buried under the wind and sand.


After seeing such a phenomenon, scientists have also issued a warning to mankind. The end of Loulan ancient country has also sounded an alarm for mankind. If we continue to destroy the earth’s environment, then mankind will eventually pay a heavy price for small profits. Now our country has begun to make efforts for environmental protection. Through satellite images, we can see that the area of green vegetation is growing year by year. If this phenomenon can persist, then the earth may be rejuvenated.

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