Why did musk create space X? Is he a “crazy genius” born to save the earth?

Everyone is familiar with Nikolay Tesla. He is a gifted inventor, known as “the man closest to God”. In our life today, there is also a gifted inventor who is very similar to Tesla. He is Elon Musk.


Musk is the co-founder, CEO and chief designer of Tesla Motors, and the iron man in Avengers is based on him. In the movie, iron man is a gifted inventor who invented a set of invincible armor, which can fight against the universe and save mankind.

Musk is only 49 years old this year. He was born in South Africa. His mother is Canadian, a very beautiful model. Because his grandfather is an explorer, when he took his mother to explore, Musk’s mother met Musk’s father, and then married and gave birth to musk in Africa.


Musk’s father is an electrical engineer. As we all know, the brain of an electrical engineer must be very smart. Therefore, musk has the excellent genes of his mother, grandfather and father. He is smart, handsome, confident and adventurous.


When musk was 10 years old, he got a computer. In just two years, musk independently developed a game. At this time, Musk’s genius gradually began to show.

After growing up, musk was admitted to the Physics Department of Stanford University in 1995, and he dropped out of school within two days of his schooling.


The reason why he dropped out of school was that Microsoft released Windows 95 on the day of the beginning of school. At that time, he felt that the IT era was coming, and it was useless for him to go to school. So he dropped out of school and started a company Zip2 with his younger brother, which is an Internet company. In just four years, a big company bought him with $307 million and $34 million of stock options.


This is how musk used the money to open an online bank called x.com. In 1999, the concept of online banking just emerged. The most famous one was Ray pal.

PayPal was founded in 1998, and its founder was Peter peel. As a result, the companies of musk and Peter peel began to compete with each other. They kept advertising and publicizing for themselves. As a result, the two companies spent a lot of money in the business war, but in the end they were tied. It can be said that they were both defeated.


Later, they figured it out and began to cooperate, merging the two companies into one company. As a result, after the merger, Musk’s arrogance began to show itself. After all, one mountain can not be divided into two tigers. Later, Peter peel highlighted that he wanted to quit and put the company under musk’s management.


Musk ran the company well at that time. When he went on vacation, his company had a coup as soon as the private plane took off. The company immediately held a meeting to impeach musk, the CEO, and then invited Peter peel back to be the new CEO.

Peter peel is also a very powerful person. He is a famous American venture capitalist and the manager of hedge funds. You know, the manager of hedge funds is the one who can control the world finance. And Peter peel was the first investor in Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. So you can imagine how accurate his eyes are.


Peter peel built PayPal because he wanted to avoid the government’s control over money. He was a financial man, while musk was an it man, so it was clear who lost and who won.


Musk was also very angry when he learned about it, but he was also very helpless, but he was not depressed. He immediately used all his savings to build a new company, space X, which is a space development company, specialized in launching rockets. In addition, some of his money was used to buy Tesla and started to run these two companies.

You know, these two companies are very money hungry. Launching rockets can’t be successful at one time. They need to keep trying and experimenting, so they just burn money. When he spent almost all his money, there came out a savior, NASA.


NASA was also very short of money at that time. It was also looking for such a cheap company that could launch some of its equipment into the universe, so it fell in love with space X.


Later, space X developed a kind of recyclable rocket, which greatly improved the utilization rate of the rocket and reduced the cost. The rich musk invested the money in Tesla, and Tesla succeeded.

In 2008, he launched Tesla’s first super sports car. This sports car is very special, especially the sports car of the tram. Originally, it was defined as impossible in the physical world, which was determined by the structure of the tram. As a result, Tesla did it. They improved the structure of the battery, so that the battery can generate a lot of power in an instant.


In 2018, musk sent his roadster into space with his own rocket and is now flying to Mars. Now his main goal is to send humans to Mars and start the Mars migration program.


Here, do you feel that musk is not only a genius, but also a crazy genius. However, have you ever thought about his ultimate goal of doing green energy and space development?

Xiao Bian believes that his ultimate goal is to save mankind. Take green energy as an example, human civilization relies heavily on fossil resources, but these fossil resources are non renewable resources. When we run out of these resources, then the disaster of extinction will follow.


So before all this happens, we must find a clean and easy to use energy. So to sum up, electric energy is the best energy at present, so musk put a lot of money into the aspect that electric energy can achieve the same function as the original oil. Moreover, in order to enable human beings to achieve immortality, so that the earth is no longer the only choice, he launched rockets to explore space.

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