Why did Russia give up Mars and choose to explore Callisto? What’s on this planet?

All countries are exploring Mars. Why did Russia choose Ganymede instead of Mars?


At present, the aerospace field has become the focus of the development of all countries, who can win the top, who can occupy more discourse power in the international arena. Among the eight planets in the solar system, Mars stands out, and it is very likely to become the next home of mankind, because it has a very similar environment to the earth.


Compared with the number of planets, the number of satellites is too many, up to more than 200, especially the size of Jupiter’s satellites can be comparable to that of planets. While all countries are focusing on Mars, Russia has decided to explore Callisto to open up a new way for human migration. Why did Russia choose this planet? What is so special about it?




In the solar system, Callisto is the third largest satellite. Among all the satellites, it is not impressive. As its brother planet, Europa is more eye-catching. The environment on this planet is still very good and more famous, but Russia runs counter to it. This is really surprising. According to relevant Russian media reports, the executive director of the future space program has found that Ganymede is likely to be the next place of human habitation. It has great potential to become the most likely planet for human habitation after Mars and the moon. What’s the matter?


In the process of searching for human habitation, the advantages of Mars and the moon are very obvious. First of all, although Mars is farther than Venus, its surface environment is most similar to that of the earth. The difficulty is that the atmosphere on this planet is too thin to support the survival of human beings, and the most basic needs cannot be met. Needless to say, the moon is the earth’s satellite, and it is also the closest to the earth. It is easier to achieve interstellar migration, and the distance and time are very suitable. The reason why scientists gave up the moon is that, like Mars, there is no atmosphere at all. Callisto is just a moon of Jupiter. It’s far away, which is obviously inappropriate. Why does Russia have a special preference?


Advantages of Callisto


According to relevant information, this planet is twice the size of the moon, and water ice can be seen everywhere, which means that there are a lot of water resources for the owners of Ganymede. Under the thick ice, it is speculated that it is likely to be the ocean or rock mass. The overall structure is similar to that of Europa, but much larger than that of Ganymede 2, and the distribution is more uniform.


When the conditions for water resources are met, there is still a small amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, and there is an ionosphere in the outer layer, which will be less affected by Jupiter’s magnetic field. At present, Russia has signed a plan to complete the Jupiter mission, which may be completed in 2030, proving that Callisto is feasible as a settlement. What’s your view on this?

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