Why did the annual export of 60000 anacondas begin to “resist”? Two years in a row

There are thousands of creatures with different shapes in the beautiful home earth shared by human beings. Among them, snake species are absolutely ancient. When dinosaurs dominated the earth, snake ancestors already existed. In the long history, snakes have evolved into a variety of species. If we say what are the longest snakes in the world, there are no more than Amazon crimson and reticulated python God, what we want to introduce to you is the reticulated python, which is the most powerful group of snakes.

The fierce family of snakes — the reticulated python


Although nearly 8.7 million species have been identified by human beings, this number can not be compared with that of the earth. After all, there are many unknown species in nature. Among all the creatures we know, there is the largest snake on earth, the reticulated python.

Anacondas are mainly distributed in Southeast Asian countries and prefer to live alone in the humid environment of tropical rain forest, grassland and swamp. It is the world’s longest python, also known as overlord python. Its back is grayish brown and yellowish brown, and it has complex diamond-shaped dark brown and light gray or yellow reticular markings, so it is named “reticulated python”. It is understood that 60000 reticulated python are exported every year. In the real records, reticulated python, which had never attacked human history, has been exported for nearly two years Two attacks on humans.

1. The longest Python in the world


The body length of a netted Python is about 8-10 meters, and the longest can reach 12 meters. It has strong winding force and is on the verge of extinction. It is worth mentioning that the wild anaconda is very aggressive, and its character is very rough. After long-term domestication, its character will gradually change to docile. Anaconda reticulata is a carnivorous animal. It likes to rest in trees during the day and go out at night. Compared with other creatures, the success rate of hunting is very high. As long as the prey passes in front of its eyes, it will be difficult to escape from the control of the python. They will first bite the key parts of the prey, suffocate the prey and make it unable to struggle any more. Then they will gobble up the prey and enjoy the tyranny. Sometimes the python will prey once, and it can not eat for more than ten days.

2. Medusa, the world’s longest reticulated python


According to relevant historical records, the longest reticulated python in the world has reached 7.62 meters and weighs more than 272 Jin. Its name is “Medusa” (there is no real record of the 14.85 meter long osmanthus on the Internet). Because Medusa has been officially certified by Guinness and won the title of the world’s longest snake, it is highly authentic. Although the name is very gentle, it can swallow a person alive without any effort. However, the long-term captivity has made Medusa lose her wild nature, but it needs at least 15 strong men to completely get the python off the ground.

It is understood that Medusa’s food intake is very amazing, each time eating about 40 pounds of food, mainly rabbits, pigs and deer and so on. Although Medusa used to be wild and easy to attack human beings, with the long-term domestication, Medusa gradually lost her wild nature and became very gentle. She ate and drank with human beings and lived a very comfortable life, so she was successfully tamed.

The netted python, which has never had a record of cannibalism, began to “revolt” in the past two years


The breeding season of Anaconda reticulata starts from September and lasts until November. During the breeding season, it can lay 30-100 eggs each time. It can be said that Anaconda reticulata is a standard Anaconda animal and can also be kept as a pet. However, even the docile “pythonidae” have recorded incidents of swallowing humans in the past two years.

In 2018, the 44 year old Tiba didn’t go home. His family was very worried, so they started to mobilize the residents of the small town to help find him. They all worked together and finally found a netted python with a bulging belly near the small town. People suspected that the python should have eaten Tiba. In order to verify this theory, the residents of the small town cut the netted Python’s belly, and the result confirmed that Tiba was killed by the snake The anaconda swallowed it, and Tiba’s body was found in the anaconda’s stomach.


In addition, in the middle of 2017, a 25-year-old young man named Akbar disappeared near his palm garden in West Sulawesi province, Sulawesi island. Local villagers found a 7-meter-long reticulated python nearby. When they cut open the belly of the boa, they did not expect that the man was really in the belly of the boa, which had already become a snake’s meal! Although find the man, but obviously too late, the man has no breath, cold body! The reason why the anaconda is so aggressive is that it has strong twining power.

Many strong men say that they feel their arms are going to be broken when they fight with the manga. So many times, they dare not easily compete with the manga alone. The powerful manga and even the alligator in the United States have become their meals.

The picture shows an alligator


Why do anacondas attack humans?

Many netizens will ask: “why did the anaconda attack humans?”


In fact, there are not many incidents of snakes swallowing human beings. In addition to the records of the reticulated python swallowing human beings in the past two years, the African rock python also has swallowing human beings. In recent two years, Anaconda reticulata has devoured humans several times, which is mainly related to human activities.

Anaconda reticulata is widely distributed in tropical areas of South and Southeast Asia. In addition to Anaconda reticulata, which invaded the United States as an ecosystem, Anaconda reticulata is an endemic species in Asia. In recent years, due to the development of palm oil industry, the scope of human activities has become wider and wider, and the forest coverage area has become less and less. As a result, the anaconda has no way back, and has to enter the territory of human life to look for food, thus attacking the passing human.

The green part of the picture shows Southeast Asia


In addition, due to its huge commercial value (leather, food and breeding), many snake hunters venture to hunt in the dense forest for import and export trade, and Sumatra exports 60000 of them every year.

This also led to the deepening of the conflict between man and snake, and many snake hunters were attacked by anacondas. However, although the anaconda has repeatedly devoured human beings in recent years, it has not changed its endangered fate. At present, the anaconda is on the verge of extinction.


The green part is the range of activity of Anaconda reticulata

Once the largest snake in the world, it has disappeared

In this world, in addition to the reticulated python is the longest, once Titan Python is also in the forefront, but it has disappeared on this earth. Titan python, an ancient python, lived in the Paleocene (about 65 million years ago to 53 million years ago). Their fossils were first found in the guahera Peninsula in northeastern Colombia, South America. It can be said that Titan Python is the largest snake in the snake family. Among the fossils found, Titan Python is 12.8 meters long and weighs about 1.1 tons. Titan Python is the “ancestor” of modern python.

Now we have seen the threat of anacondas. For human beings, wild animals have certain reasons for their survival. Wild animals are friends of human beings and play an irreplaceable role in maintaining ecological balance. We should resolutely not hunt or kill wild animals, and refuse to use them as “dishes” and “commodities”. Once we overkill wild animals, such as The elimination of Anaconda manga will destroy the whole food chain and pose a great threat to the environment and human beings. Therefore, it is urgent for us to protect wild animals!

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