Why did the European Space Agency derail the satellite 122 meters? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

A few days ago, the European Space Agency suddenly kicked a cold satellite in earth orbit 122 meters out of orbit. Three days later, the staff pushed it back into normal orbit again. Many people have questions about this: what is this for? Why don’t you play with the satellite as a toy? Of course not. This is because at that time, the cold satellite was threatened by external attacks and had to be temporarily off orbit to avoid risks. What’s the matter? Now let’s listen to the explanation of experts.

Since 1957, when mankind launched the world’s first man-made satellite into space, new space exploration has begun, and human civilization has entered a new chapter. In the following 60 years, more than 5000 man-made satellites have been launched into space around the earth orbit.

It is with these satellites that human civilization can not do without satellites for the great development of science and technology, communication, Internet and space exploration. It can be said that people’s life now is closely related to satellites. If satellites suddenly disappear one day, people will be at a loss. The increase of the number of earth orbiting satellites also brings some risks to the human space industry.


Although there are more than 5000 man-made satellites in space, only about 800 of them can work normally at present, of which more than 2000 return to earth and become extinct, and more than 1800 abandoned and out of control satellites have become space garbage.

The rapid development of human space industry has also brought a lot of space debris to the earth’s high altitude orbit, which are basically the debris and debris of these abandoned satellites. According to the latest NASA survey report on space waste, as of the end of 2017, more than 20000 pieces of space waste have been found in low earth orbit, with more than 4000 kg of spacecraft debris and debris.

In fact, there are more than 20000 pieces of space garbage. Many of them have not been discovered by human beings. Although these space garbage are small, only a few centimeters, we can’t underestimate them. They rotate around the earth at a speed of more than 7.9 kilometers per second in space, which is 7.9 times faster than bullets. Every piece of space garbage is a speeding bullet It’s a bullet.

At such a fast speed, as long as there is a little collision with a satellite or spaceship, the damage is very large. Maybe a piece of debris of a few centimeters can destroy a satellite. Moreover, once there is a collision with a satellite, the space garbage will be decomposed into smaller pieces. The smaller the debris, the more difficult it is for us to track, and the greater the threat to the artificial satellite.


On July 9, the cold satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) was helping scientists study glaciers. At this time, a space debris tracked by scientists appeared near the satellite. Although scientists calculated that the probability of the debris colliding with the satellite was 1 in 10000, in order to prevent accidents, the staff of the European Space Agency (ESA) specially increased the satellite by 122 meters, so that they could save the danger.

Many people may think that the threat of space waste is so great, so why not recycle it? Of course, human beings want to clean up the space garbage, but with the current human space technology, it is very difficult to successfully recycle the high-speed space garbage, and the cost is also very high.

If you want to successfully recover these space debris, you should not only ensure the safety of your own aircraft and not collide with the debris, but also maintain the same running speed with the debris, and then throw out a hook to hook the debris back, which is like a kind of space fishing. But it’s very difficult. It is precisely because of the high difficulty of recycling space garbage that we can only let the space garbage continue to turn blind on earth orbit.


However, with the continuous development of human space science and technology, there will be special space garbage collection vehicles in the future, such as those on earth. There will be no space garbage on the earth orbit in the future, and there will be a safe environment for satellites. However, it is not possible to achieve it in a short time. Don’t underestimate a technology for recycling space garbage. If human beings really realize the easy recycling of space garbage, it means that human beings have really entered the interstellar civilization and can go out of the solar system to explore the vast universe outside the system.

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