Why did the girl get upset the night before she came to my aunt? It turns out that there are three reasons

We all know that women will have emotional instability during the period of their aunts, such as irritability, depression, irritability and so on. Many people can’t tell the reason, so I’ll give you an answer today.


To understand the emotional changes of women before and during the physiological period, we need to understand the reproductive organs and functions of women. Female internal genitalia is mainly composed of ovary, uterus and fallopian tube. The occurrence of menstruation is directly related to the ovary. The main function of ovary is to produce eggs and ovarian hormones. Before puberty, tens of thousands of ovarian follicles are not mature. After puberty, the follicles begin to develop and synthesize estrogen under the action of anterior pituitary gonadotropin. After ovulation, the wall of the mature follicle collapses and the cells become large and yellow, which is called corpus luteum. The luteum synthesizes estrogen and produces progesterone. Estrogen can thicken the endometrium and increase the number of endometrial cells. After ovulation, estrogen and progesterone can make the endometrium edema and prepare for the implantation of fertilized eggs. If fertilization and implantation are successful at this time, the pregnancy tissue will synthesize chorionic gonadotropin, which can make the corpus luteum continue to develop. If there is no fertilization at this time, about 14 days after ovulation, the corpus luteum begins to atrophy and stops secreting estrogen and progesterone, the blood vessels will contract and the intima will necrosis and fall off, which will cause bleeding and menstruation.

In fact, not all girls will have emotional ups and downs in the physiological period and before the physiological period, and most of the girls have changes. Why are the same girls and some people have no feelings? Some people are just like time bombs. The whole person has changed. Usually, the gentle appearance has disappeared and become irritable?


1. These mood changes are similar to those of patients with depression, and women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men. The main reason is that women secrete estrogen, and estrogen will be unstable in premenstrual, menstrual, postmenopausal and pregnancy. During this period, women’s estrogen will increase significantly. Too much estrogen will destroy the neuronal atrophy caused by pressure and glucocorticoid. Destroying the estrogen pathway will lead to synaptic damage and depression like performance. At this time, girls will behave like gods The quality of some, restless, irritable, depressed and so on.


2. Women’s physiological period is affected by many aspects, and the change of environment will also affect it. Bad weather conditions such as too high or too low temperature, gloomy weather, muggy weather, rain and snow, and public transportation will indirectly affect women’s psychology, especially in her special days, under the dual effect of estrogen, they will become irritable and anxious.

3. Stress is also not to be ignored. Many women will temporarily stop menstruation because of high pressure, so too much pressure in the heart will make women particularly sensitive in the physiological period. A hair can move out of the kind of sensitive.


Now many girls often make excuses for their bad temper, saying that my aunt came, that’s all. But the change of aunt period is not uncontrollable, girls can adjust their emotions in many ways. And there will always be some women made of concrete who have no reaction like a man in their physiological period, and they also want to use their aunt’s period to hurt people everywhere. Here, Xiaobian just wants to say that when you play with your temper, you can play it openly and honestly. Don’t show it when you’re ugly. Who’s not a baby anymore? When you use this physiological period endlessly, does your aunt annoy you?


Of course, in addition to those girls who commit crimes on the grounds of their aunts, there are also some girls who are troubled by their aunts. Their emotional loss, irritability and impatience affect their normal life. Xiaobian suggests that you can try to do 2-3 times a week of exercise, mainly to ease, such as yoga, jogging, to get rid of the influence of estrogen.

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