Why did the man who claimed to have come through the disaster in 2030 disappear?

How did the man who successfully passed the polygraph and claimed to have come from 2030 disappear?


Does the space-time traverser exist? This is a big problem that modern scientists are thinking about. Crossing seems to be contrary to reality. Obviously, it is impossible in reality. Many TV dramas often have the plot of crossing. The female or male owner goes through the ancient or modern times through an accident. They experience all kinds of things together and finally get married. Now, it’s nonsense. Many people don’t believe that it really exists. It’s just for the sake of publicity.


A big case in history


Einstein thought that if human beings can find wormholes one day or cross them, wormholes are equivalent to a channel connecting two worlds, which can help human beings cross them in a real sense. If there is a collision in the process of space-time operation, it may cause space-time confusion. In 1950, there was a man who claimed to be from the future world. He was a passer-by. After he was hit by a car while walking on the road, he died on the spot, but found a note from 1870 on his body. Then people began to doubt his true identity. How did the man who successfully passed the polygraph and claimed to have come from 2030 disappear?


A man who claims to be from 2030 shows up


Not long after that, there was another man who claimed to be from 2030. His name was Noah. He once published a video on the Internet. This video tells how he came to the modern society. He mosaic his face and successfully passed the lie detector. The most incredible thing is that he made some predictions that after 2030, human beings will be able to travel in time and space and travel freely in the universe. In the future, human beings will enter the era of intelligence and the emergence of robots will be able to survive Enough to effectively help human office, human will be completely inseparable from artificial intelligence.


Then he said that the earth’s environment would deteriorate, the greenhouse effect would intensify, and the global temperature would rise, which seemed to become a kind of normalization. It is believed that everything he said is true. Today’s earth seems to be like this. Judging from this year’s disastrous climate, the temperature change has become a trend in the future, which makes people doubt that he is really from 2030 Are you a good jumper? Is it true that so many predictions are left behind?


Strangely, when he released this video, it magically disappeared, so far no one knows his whereabouts. Some people think that he is a real passer-by who has already returned to the original world. Others think that these are just rumors. He has been paid attention to all over the world because of lying. In order to cause social unrest, he mosaic his face and does not expose his true identity.


Even though he is not a real passer-by, many of his predictions seem to coincide with the current situation. It is possible that the earth will develop in the direction he said, causing many people’s deep thinking. If he is really a passer-by, why is he no longer there? Where on earth has he gone? What do you think? You can leave a message for interaction.

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