Why did the Maya civilization disappear suddenly when it stood at the top of the civilization at that time? It starts from within them

Today, let’s talk about the Maya civilization, a well-known and mysterious civilization. In the history of human development, the level of civilization of the Maya people is different from that of other human beings of the same era. As early as other human beings were still in the stone age, the Mayans had a complete civilization system. They made great achievements in astronomy, agriculture and other aspects, some of which were enough to catch up with modern society. But what is hidden behind this advanced civilization? Why didn’t the Mayans survive? Why did the Mayan civilization suddenly disappear?


The first thing to emphasize is that the Maya didn’t disappear all of a sudden. The sudden disappearance of a species is usually a huge natural disaster. At that time, the Mayans spread all over America, forming thousands of tribes and city states. If all parts of America were affected by major natural disasters, the global natural circulation and species would also be affected. But scientists have studied the region of America and found no major disasters. Then, the factors that affect the survival of the Maya begin from the inside of the Maya.

Maya people have religious beliefs, but their beliefs are different from today’s religions. They believe in tribal chiefs or city-state kings, who regard them as gods. However, it is because of this that there are contradictions and inconsistencies of beliefs among each tribe of the Maya. One of the important reasons for the disappearance of the Maya is the constant conflicts among tribes. Scientists have found many city states of Mayan civilization in America, with complex structure, broad roads, which can accommodate millions of people, and fine defense facilities, which are enough to resist powerful enemies. These defenses had no effect on the conflicts between tribes, and eventually collapsed under the condition of competing for interests and beliefs.


Of course, the Mayan war can not directly wipe out all the Mayans. It is a war initiated by an external aggressor that completely destroys them. After Columbus discovered the new world in the 16th century, the Spaniards came to the American continent, and their armada made a devastating attack on the Mayans when they were unable to defend against the drought. Finally, the Mayan civilization was completely destroyed. After that, the Maya civilization became a mystery.


At present, the ancient historians all over the world are extremely interested in the Maya civilization, especially for their astronomy and architectural attainments. In this regard, the Mayans did not leave relevant records, even if the text left, is extremely unique, difficult to decipher. Therefore, the mystery of Maya civilization always attracts people.

For the Maya people, they would not think that their own civilization would die out on the earth like this. What makes us think deeply is, will human civilization die out in the future like the Maya civilization

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