Why did the moon mysteriously disappear 900 years ago? Volcano is the culprit, scientists say

The moon, the closest star in the universe to the earth, stands out among the twinkling stars.

It does not have the sun’s blazing eye-catching, but sends out the gentle moonlight to drive away the darkness. Therefore, the moon has been studied by people all the time, and it is also a good subject for ancient writing.


People have joys and sorrows, and the moon has its ups and downs

In ancient times, although people did not have the powerful technology to explore and study the moon carefully, the ancients still summarized many laws of the moon according to their own wisdom.

The moon’s profit and loss predict the size of the tide. The moon’s round or short is the new moon. The big moon and the small moon are arranged


We all know that unless the weather causes the moon to be covered by dark clouds, the moon is on the same side of the sun in a month except for the new moon, that is, around the first day of the lunar new year. The moon is facing the solar hemisphere of the earth, and the moon can’t be seen at midnight. The rest of the time we can normally see the moon directly with the naked eye.

But if one day, the moon suddenly disappeared, would you be surprised and afraid?


In May 1100, 900 years ago, Europeans did find that the moon had “disappeared” for several months. An observer wrote the Petersburg chronicle in Anglo Saxon to record this anomaly from a thousand years ago

“On the fifth night of May, the moon was shining brightly in the evening. After that, the brightness of the moon gradually weakened, so that in the next few nights, the moon finally disappeared into the sky and the earth was dark.”

What’s more surprising is that after the moon finally disappeared, there are still shining stars in the sky, which indicates that the moon ball really seems to have disappeared.


Why does a star so bright in the sky suddenly disappear? And why other stars are still visible, this problem has been puzzling people, until now the development of science and technology, people have enough human and material resources to study it.

In a research paper published in the journal Science Report on May 16, paleontologist and climatologist s é Bastien Guillet from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and his team gave an interesting explanation for the disappearance of the moon 900 years ago. They believed that the earth’s volcanoes were the main culprits.


Through the study of Antarctic ice core samples and Greenland tree ring data.

The team noted that volcanic deposits were found in ice core samples from 1108 to 1113, suggesting that the sudden disappearance of the moon may have been caused by “forgotten” volcanic activity.

After the volcanic eruption, a large amount of material was ejected into the sky, which can stay in the sky for several years, producing the so-called stratospheric aerosol layer, which is composed of tiny particles, which can make the bright starlight penetrate the moon while shielding the dim light of the moon.


In addition, the team also referred to ancient records of crop failures and bad weather, which may also be caused by volcanic ash in the atmosphere and large areas of pyroclastic deposition.

Finally, scientists found that the eruption of Mount Asama volcano in August 1108 may be the reason for the abnormal increase of sulfur content in Greenland ice core at that time. Its eruptions covered the sky and the moon, and eventually led to the event of the moon “vanishing out of thin air” in Europe.


Of course, there may be many undocumented volcanic eruptions in multiple locations, but the specific details have not yet been determined.

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