Why did the Pharaohs know how to build pyramids 4500 years ago? Scientists have come up with a near perfect answer

As we all know, pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world. They were built in ancient Egypt 4500 years ago. You should know that pyramids are built by the accumulation of huge stones, which weigh 1.5 tons and 1200 tons.


In ancient times, when there was no crane, how did people transport the huge stones one by one to the top of the pyramid? In addition, these boulders are polished so smooth that even now, it is difficult to insert a knife into the gap between the boulders.

Because the pyramids are built by stacking, there is no bond between each stone. In this case, these pyramids have been standing for more than 4000 years, which is really a miracle in the history of architecture.


Scientists once calculated that it took 50 million people to build a pyramid with the technology of the time. 4500 years ago, there were only 20 million people in the world. What’s more, it took about 30 years to build a pyramid. There were more than 80 pyramids in total, which took more than 2000 years. How strong was ancient Egypt, which could bear such a long time and huge consumption.


The way the pyramid was built is still a mystery, but some scientists have given an almost perfect explanation. The ancient Egyptians used water, because the water is flat, so in the water, all the boulders can be polished to the same smooth, the same size.

Because of the buoyancy of the water, after the stones are polished, they can be easily transported from the quarry along the waterway to the harbor with a gas filled sheepskin raft. If you want to transport the boulders to the higher ground, you need to use a fully enclosed waterway. After you tie the boulders with enough sheepskin rafts, they will rise slowly along the waterway. A sluice will be set in the middle of the waterway. If any layer needs stones, you can intercept them. When these stones are in the right position, you can pump out the sheepskin rafts and the boulders will fall down.


After the completion of the whole pyramid, whose sluice can be opened to discharge water, because 4500 years ago, the pyramid was close to the Nile River, so it was very possible to transport stones with water. In ancient times, many buildings were built on waterways.


There are many unsolved mysteries in the pyramid. It is found that if you put a rusty silver coin into the pyramid, it will not take long for it to be completely new. Putting food in is not easy to corrupt. If a person’s mental state is not good, or if he has a headache or something, he will be in a much better condition after taking food in the pyramid for an hour. So what is responsible for these miracles?

Scientists speculate that the structure of the pyramid is like a microwave resonant cavity, which can gather a kind of material called cosmic waves. Cosmic waves are the rays of various celestial bodies in the universe. When they arrive at the pyramid, they will be absorbed and stored by the granite inside, and at the same time, they will emit microwaves, which can heat, sterilize and dehydrate the materials inside the pyramid.


So mummies can be perfectly preserved. In addition, American Chemistry professors have found radiation inside the pyramid, which has been declining. So the question is, how did the Pharaons 4500 years ago understand cosmic waves and how did they build such a pyramid? It’s a mystery now.


Xiao Bian thinks that the wisdom of the ancients is unimaginable to us. We thought they were backward, but they unexpectedly mastered scientific knowledge. Some people explained that this knowledge was passed on from alien civilization, but the truth of the fact is still uncertain with our current technology.

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