Why did the Soviet Union’s plan to dig through the earth suddenly stop when it reached 12263 meters?

Why did the Soviet Union’s plan to dig through the earth suddenly stop when it reached 12263 meters?


The strength of a country can be seen in many fields, such as economy, politics, science and technology. Many powerful countries will come up with a lot of unrealistic ideas, which seem impossible to achieve, but they will always fight.


Once upon a time, there was a strong flame between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States took a step ahead in the aerospace field, and the Soviet Union was not willing to lag behind. They tried to dig through the earth to see what was inside the earth. Many people thought this plan was unrealistic, but the Soviet Union didn’t think so. When the plan was implemented soon, they chose a place to start a huge project here. From 1970 to 1989, it was not easy In a short period of nearly 20 years, the Soviet Union has dug a total of 12262 meters, which is a very deep depth and the deepest record in the world. Why did the Soviet Union’s plan to dig through the earth suddenly stop when it reached 12263 meters?


This kind of depth is closest to the earth’s interior. Many people think that the Soviet Union will continue to stick to it. What’s unpredictable is that the Soviet Union announced to stop this plan. No one can know the real reason behind it. It’s a waste of all previous efforts. All previous efforts are in vain. There are endless speculations in the industry about the reasons for its stop Because there is a strange sound coming from the ground, or there is a kind of magical force pulling human beings, it is very dangerous, so it stopped. So what are the facts?


Some participants recalled that the decision was made when the Soviet Union realized the seriousness of the problem. Even if it dug further, it would be futile. It had nothing to do with the rumors. At that time, not only the Soviet Union was digging, but even the United States was digging, but they were not digging as deep as the Soviet Union. This kind of whimsical plan to dig through the earth is totally unrealistic. They overestimate their own level. Even if their comprehensive national strength is very strong, they should also be based on the actual needs. If the earth’s interior is really so easy to explore, someone will have dug it for a long time.


At the present level of science and technology, it is difficult to dig through the earth. Some people think that such a plan to dig through the earth doesn’t exist at all, it’s just a gimmick. Some witnesses described that when they reached 8000 meters, they found gold and diamonds, which was very exciting. Maybe there would be more surprises if they dug down, but it would take more manpower and material resources to dig down.


The Soviet Union was forced to stop the project when the cost was not directly proportional to the return. However, the project was not in vain. On the contrary, it was of certain value to the study of crustal movement. Once the Soviet Union’s scientific and technological strength was admirable. It dug so deep, although it did not dig more secrets, its spirit is worth learning from, and now human beings are not just exploring Outer space is also curious about the interior of the earth. What do you think is inside the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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