Why did the universe appear 13.8 billion years ago? Scientists speculate that humans may have created it

I believe that many friends will feel small when they look up at the starry sky in the dead of night. At the same time, they will be very curious to make all kinds of guesses about the universe. In the world of the ancients, there was no scientific guidance. Their conjectures about the starry sky often gave a lot of mythological color.

However, after mankind entered the era of science and technology, with the guidance of science, our understanding of the universe is constantly improving. In the process of exploring the mysteries of the universe, scientists found that the existence of the universe is incredible. It was born 13.8 billion years ago. In the process of continuous evolution, it has formed a very stable and mysterious space.

Everything in the universe is too standard and regular. It doesn’t look like a natural space. With more and more knowledge of the universe, scientists will feel more and more that the universe is like a very precise huge instrument, in which all the rules and regulations are not random, but in accordance with a certain order.


We all know that all kinds of scientific and technological equipment created by human beings can achieve very accurate and regular operation. And in the earth’s natural products, randomness is very strong, it is difficult to form a truly accurate and regular operation. It is precisely because we have seen the extraordinary behind the universe that many scientists speculate that the universe may not be born of nature, but is created by mysterious forces behind it.

If the universe had been created, who would have created it 13.8 billion years ago? Maybe a lot of people will think of the advanced alien civilization. Many people can’t understand it. You know, before the birth of the universe, there was nothing, no time, no space, and no matter.

If the universe does not exist, there will be no life naturally and there will be civilization, then how can advanced civilization create it? In fact, the advanced civilization we are talking about here does not mean the wisdom civilization of this universe, but comes from other universes.


I believe many friends have heard of scientists’ Conjecture of multi cosmology. This conjecture tells us that the universe may not be the only one, but there is more vast space outside our universe, in which there are countless kinds of universes. There are different intelligent civilizations in every universe.

If the pluralistic cosmology is correct, then it is possible for advanced civilization to create the universe. We should know that the end of science is theology. In mythology and legend, God is omnipotent, can create life, create all things, then to create a universe for a powerful God, it may not be difficult.

Of course, there can be no so-called God in this world. If there is a God, it may also be a powerful alien civilization. When a civilization develops long enough and science and technology can develop to the end, then whatever God can do, science and technology can also do.


In the process of entering the quantum world for research and exploration, scientists found that there are many similarities between the big bang of the singularity of the universe and the particle collision experiment through the particle collider, but the energy level of our particle collision experiment is much lower. If the particle collider can reach the level of galaxy or even higher, it is possible to simulate a big bang through collision.

At the end of the development of science and technology, in theory, we can create the universe and everything, so the origin of the universe may also be created by people. It may be the advanced civilization of other universes that created the universe, or it may be human beings themselves. Maybe some people don’t understand: it’s only millions of years since the birth of human beings. How can we create the universe?

We are not talking about human beings in this universe, but in other dimensions. At this point, we should also think about the origin of human beings. Although Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us that human beings originated from apes millions of years ago, there are still many mysteries that cannot explain the origin of human beings.


As for the origin of human beings, there have always been differences in the scientific community. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the theory of evolution. Scientists have proved through a large number of studies that the theory of evolution is indeed the core of the origin and evolution of life. After the birth of life on the earth 4 billion years ago, millions of biological species have been differentiated through continuous evolution.

Although the theory of evolution is correct, it cannot fully explain the origin of human beings. Why? Through a lot of research and exploration, scientists have found that according to probability statistics, the possibility of the smooth birth of human civilization is very small, and the birth of life on earth is also the result of countless kinds of coincidence.

And the birth of intelligent life needs the coincidence of innumerable kinds of coincidence to be born. I believe many friends know that the natural law of survival of the fittest is the competition between things and nature, which is also the basis of biological evolution. The direction in which each life evolves is determined by nature.


Under the basic law of nature, life will not choose to evolve to wisdom. The reason is very simple. In nature, power is the foundation of survival. Only with the advantage of power can life reproduce and the whole species survive. This can be seen from the 4 billion year history of life evolution. The last surviving species are basically powerful species, unless there are some uncontrollable natural disasters.

Dinosaurs 65 million years ago were able to dominate the earth for 160 million years, relying on powerful forces. If it wasn’t for the ecological disaster caused by asteroid impact on the earth, dinosaurs might still live on the earth. The survival law of nature determines that the direction of biological evolution is basically forward force, but human miraculously chose the direction of intelligent evolution. Isn’t that strange?

Scientists speculate that millions of years of earth, there may be external mysterious forces to intervene in the evolution of life on earth, so that some apes embarked on the road of intelligent evolution, and finally there was the birth of human. So who intervened in the direction of biological evolution? Is it alien civilization? Maybe it’s not that simple.


Why do alien civilizations interfere with the evolutionary direction of life on earth? Do you have nothing to do when you are full? So this possibility is very small. If it is not intervened by alien civilization, who will it be? The conjecture of parallel world of multi-dimensional universe makes us think of another possibility, that is, higher dimensional human civilization.

In the three-dimensional world, there is the earth and human civilization. In the four-dimensional world, the four-dimensional world and other high-dimensional universes, there is also the earth and high-dimensional human civilization. And will our three-dimensional universe also be created by higher dimensional human civilization? This possibility is not entirely absent.

Of course, multi-dimensional cosmology is only a conjecture of the scientific community, and there is no real evidence to prove it. If we prove the existence of multidimensional space and multidimensional universe in the future, then the above conjecture may become a reality.


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