Why did Venus fall into such a situation? The discovery of scientists is shocking

Since mankind entered the space age, all countries in the world have been scrambling to launch exploration satellites into the universe. The purpose is to better understand the mystery of the universe, master the laws of changes in the universe, and thus enjoy the leading power to explore the universe. In the early days of space exploration, the only thing human beings could do was to launch probes or satellites into the universe. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, in addition to launching exploration satellites, human beings can also send astronauts into space, so that human beings can personally understand the vastness of the universe.


Maybe one day in the future, with the help of high-tech instruments, human beings can freely shuttle through the solar system, which is just like shopping. We can choose a certain planet as our residence, and everything is under our control. So, of all the stars in the solar system, which one do you least want to go to?

If there is no accident, I believe many people will not choose Venus as their place of residence. On the contrary, everyone is very disgusted. Why? Although it is the second closest to the solar system, it is also relatively close to the earth and the sun. If we fly from the earth to Venus by rocket, it only takes 100 days to reach the planet. However, for some reasons, people hate it and think it’s not livable. And Venus is also known as the “star of hell” by scientists. What’s the matter?


In fact, there is almost no atmosphere on the surface of Venus. It has been exposed to the solar radiation for a long time, and the temperature difference between day and night is very large. The difference between the lowest temperature and the highest temperature can be more than 200 degrees. In addition, Venus has a high concentration of toxic gases in the air, such as sulfur dioxide, which can easily make organisms seriously ill. Moreover, Venus often has acid rain, and its surface has been corroded.


The more important reason is that according to the observation results, the orbit of Venus has changed greatly in recent years, getting closer and closer to the sun. According to this development, I believe that in a few hundred years, Venus may be engulfed by the sun. If at this time humans choose Venus as a place of emigration, it is undoubtedly self destruction.

But experts discovered something as like as two peas. Venus and earth have many similarities. Venus’s revolution time is almost the same as that of the earth. So they suspect that there may have been a change of seasons on Venus, and even civilization. Unfortunately, I do not know what happened later, Venus reduced to today’s appearance.


It is said that in the early 1980s, the former Soviet Union sent 14 probes to Venus. Eventually, three of them did not know where to go, and 11 successfully arrived at their destination. According to the photos sent back at that time, there are suspected architectural relics on the surface of Venus, and the shape is very similar to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. However, due to the temperature of Venus is too high, the detector will soon be damaged, there is no opportunity for further exploration. Now, decades later, no country is willing to take the risk of exploring Venus.


In a word, as far as the environment is concerned, Venus today is a veritable hell, not suitable for living creatures at all; as for whether there was any civilization, it remains to be further studied by scientists. Many stars in the solar system, each star has its own characteristics, if human beings can penetrate them, then human beings will evolve into a higher level of civilization.

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