Why did Yang Liwei bring a pistol when he went into space? Just look at the lessons of the former Soviet Union!

For China, Yang Liwei’s successful launch in 2003 marked the rapid development of China’s aerospace industry. Although Yang Liwei trained day and night before his launch, he still encountered some accidents in space. Once he heard a mysterious knock on the door. Fortunately, he did not act rashly, but quickly returned to the earth to avoid the tragedy.


Among the daily necessities Yang Liwei carried, sharp eyed Netizens found such an item, that is a self-defense pistol. This pistol is small in shape and has little shooting sound. It can be used to kill targets within 50 meters. Many people will also wonder why Yang Liwei took a pistol with him in the process of takeoff? Is it to defend against aliens? Even if they meet aliens, how can they be afraid of a small pistol?

Why did Yang Liwei bring a pistol?


Astronauts in the process of entering space, the life of the goods are prescribed. In the age of science and technology just started, the process of astronauts’ launch is likely to have no return, and they are often determined to die in the process of launch. The speed of the spacecraft in the process of returning to the earth is extremely fast. If there is something wrong with the computer, it is very likely that the spacecraft will deviate from its original orbit and fall somewhere. The reason why Yang Liwei brought a pistol was that he learned from the lessons of the former Soviet Union.


Lessons from the former Soviet Union

It was in 1965 that the Soviet cosmonaut alekseleonov, who had just finished his spacewalk, returned to earth with his partner. However, due to the deviation of the spacecraft during the return process, their landing position deviated more than 300 kilometers from the original position, and the two astronauts were trapped in the virgin forest. This primeval forest is covered with heavy snow, the environment is very bad, for astronauts, it can survive in the wild, but in the primeval forest there are often some ferocious beasts, such as wolves and black bears.


Although the two astronauts also brought pistols for self-defense, they were still unable to fight against these large wild animals. Since the incident, many countries believe that astronauts must be equipped with self-defense weapons in the process of carrying out their missions. After learning from the experience of the former Soviet Union, Yang Liwei carried a pistol in the process of liftoff. In addition to the necessary professional training, astronauts will also carry out field survival training to improve their field survival ability.


In order to prevent astronauts from falling to other countries, some countries also require them to learn foreign languages and conduct wilderness survival training, so it is not easy to become an astronaut. We should not only learn professional knowledge, but also have strong psychological pressure resistance ability. Therefore, we should not forget their contributions to the world aerospace industry.

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