Why did Yang Liwei carry a gun when he went into space? The Soviet Union is a lesson from the past!

Why did Yang Liwei carry a gun when he went into space? The Soviet Union is a lesson from the past!


In the last century, the Soviet Union made a breakthrough in the space field, which made the United States feel a bit flustered. At that time, the United States also followed the pace of the Soviet Union. In 1961, the Soviet Union took the lead in launching dongfang-1, which successfully ushered in the space age. In the following four years, he sent two astronauts into space. The most amazing thing is that he also realized the plan of walking in space.


With the passage of time and the rapid development of science and technology, China has gradually made achievements in the aerospace field. In 2003, Yang Liwei landed in outer space for the first time. China’s aerospace field has made great progress. Astronauts need high psychological quality and have high requirements for all aspects of the body. When Yang Liwei was sent into space, he was well prepared. What is most elusive is that he It’s worth pondering that there are many potential dangers in the universe? Why did Yang Liwei carry a gun when he went into space? The Soviet Union is a lesson from the past!


There is no doubt that the environment of the universe is quite different from that of the earth. Because the universe is a vacuum, it is difficult for human beings to control their own bodies. At the same time, it is impossible to confirm whether there are other life in the universe. So why does it carry guns? Even if you carry guns and bullets, you can’t shoot them normally. Bringing them into space can only be regarded as a burden and a useless thing.


Of course, there must be a reason for bringing guns into space. It turned out that we should learn from the lessons of the Soviet Union. When the spacecraft returned to the ground after the launch, the positioning system had a huge failure, resulting in the capsule falling into a primeval forest, which was very dangerous. There were many ferocious beasts inside. Fortunately, these creatures did not find the two astronauts, and they were safely taken back.


If there were no weapons on them at that time and some creatures attacking them, the result would be very miserable. So the astronauts carrying guns are not to prevent threats in space, but to return to earth and ensure their own life safety. They have already boarded space. If there is any danger when they return to the ground, wouldn’t it be too bad, besides, everyone’s life would be destroyed There is only one time. Any astronaut who lands in space is worthy of respect and awe, and their spirit is worth learning from.


It takes a lot of courage to go into space, and very few people can do it. If they don’t carry any weapons, in case of various situations when they go back to the ground, the gain will not be worth the loss. So carrying guns is also for the sake of safety and preparation. Today, China has made a breakthrough in the field of aerospace and is still making continuous efforts. Maybe one day in the future, human beings will be able to realize their dream of shuttling back and forth in space. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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