Why didn’t advanced civilizations visit the earth? Maybe in their opinion, the level of human civilization is too low

With the birth of human beings, the earth has been upgraded from an ordinary life planet to an intelligent life planet. After mankind entered the stage of civilization, the earth once again upgraded and became a civilized planet. The birth of human civilization, so that the speed of human development is also accelerating, especially hundreds of years ago into the era of science and technology, mankind is ushered in the rapid development.

With the help of science and technology, we soon realized our dream of flying to the sky and were able to go out of the earth and explore the universe. When we see the vast universe, a huge doubt appears in front of us, that is, is human lonely in the universe? Is there any intelligent civilization like human beings?


If it is in the age of the earth, many people may doubt the existence of alien civilization, but when we really go out of the earth and see the vast universe, this doubt is basically gone. Most people think that alien civilization exists. Why do people think that alien civilization exists? Mainly because the universe is too big for us to imagine.

Let’s not talk about the whole universe, let’s take the dust galaxy of the universe as an example. The galaxy with a diameter of 100000 light-years has hundreds of billions of stars. Among them, the number of earth like planets in the habitable zone may not be less than one trillion. With such a large number, even if there is a very small probability of life planet and civilization planet, there will be a lot of intelligent civilization in the galaxy.

And the whole vast universe, such as the Milky Way galaxy may also be as many as trillions, do you think there are alien civilizations? The existence of alien civilization in the universe is normal. If it doesn’t exist, the abnormality is very abnormal, which makes us have a sense of fear.


Scientists naturally believe in the existence of alien civilizations, because from the perspective of numbers, no matter how harsh the conditions for the birth of life are, there should be many living planets and many alien civilizations in the universe. Some people may say that since alien civilization exists in the universe, why can’t human beings find it?

In fact, the main reason is that the scientific and technological strength of human beings is still very weak. We are not an interstellar civilization, and we cannot go out of the solar system to explore various galaxies. Naturally, it is very difficult to take the initiative to find an alien civilization. Since it is impossible for human beings to actively search for alien civilization, can we find it by passive means? The so-called passive way is that alien civilizations come to earth to contact with human beings.


Theoretically, this possibility should exist, but the reality is that until now, no advanced civilization has come to visit the earth? So some people have such a question: why didn’t advanced civilization visit the earth? No matter from the scale of the universe or the age of the universe, there should be advanced civilization far stronger than human beings in the vast universe.

Let’s take the age of 13.8 billion years of the universe as an example. In such a long time, the birth time of life planets is naturally different. Some life planets may have been born before the earth appeared. As long as such life planets develop normally, there is a great possibility that civilization will be born in the future. If alien civilization was born tens of millions of years earlier than human beings, then the scientific and technological strength of alien civilization is far beyond our imagination.

In the eyes of mankind, a few light years, thousands of light years or even hundreds of millions of light years is a distance that can not be crossed. However, for powerful advanced civilizations, this distance is nothing at all. Especially when they develop to the top level of alien civilization, the universe may already be their backyard. It is not difficult for nature to discover the existence of the earth and human beings.


If the existence of the earth and human beings is no secret to advanced civilizations, why did they not visit the earth? In fact, there may be two reasons. One reason is that advanced civilizations feel that the level of human civilization is too low, and there is no place for communication between them. This is just like that in the eyes of human beings, ants are small and low-level creatures. Naturally, it is impossible for us to communicate with ants, because the gap between them is too big.

Although human beings are also intelligent civilization, due to the short time of human development, their strength is still very weak. We are still in the very primitive stage of science and technology, and advanced civilization has mastered the most essential things of the universe, such as superluminal flight, space jump, time travel and so on. And these technologies are totally impossible to exist in the current human physical system. Take the speed of objects as an example. In the human physical system, the speed of light is the limit of speed. In the eyes of advanced civilization, the speed of light may be the most basic and slowest speed in the universe.


Because of the great difference between the two civilizations, advanced civilizations do not want to contact and communicate with human beings, and they have no common language at all. Advanced civilizations are more willing to communicate with the same level of civilization, because only in this way can we promote the development and promotion of civilization.

Another reason may be that there is nothing on earth or in the solar system that can attract advanced civilizations. The development of any civilization is inseparable from resources, even for advanced civilization. However, the resources needed by advanced civilization may be totally different from those we need. In the eyes of mankind, all kinds of metals, fossil energy or nuclear fusion energy are what we need. However, in the eyes of high-energy civilization, these resources are too low-level, and high-level civilization may not have been used for a long time.

It is possible that in the eyes of alien civilizations, black hole energy, dark matter energy and other powerful cosmic energy are what they need. The higher the civilization, the higher the requirement of energy intensity, so they will continue to look for powerful energy in the universe for exploitation. And our solar system and the earth, there is no particularly powerful energy, the most powerful energy may be controlled nuclear fusion that has not yet been realized.


Perhaps it is because the solar system and the earth do not attract advanced civilizations that people are unwilling to visit the earth even if they have already discovered the existence of the earth and human beings. Perhaps only when human beings continue to work hard and become a real interstellar civilization in the future can they integrate into the circle of cosmic civilization. At that time, whether we take the initiative to go to various galaxies to find or passively have alien civilization will contact us, it will become a lot easier.

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