Why didn’t dinosaurs give birth to wisdom in 160 million years, while human beings did it in a million years?

The earth is a planet of life. It has been 4.6 billion years since its birth. In such a long period of time, the earth has experienced five times of biological extinction, and life has been continuously changing and evolving. However, it was not until a million years ago that intelligent life was born. 5000 years ago, with the emergence of words, human beings officially entered the stage of civilization development.

I believe many friends who have studied the whole history of human birth, evolution and civilization will have a feeling that the birth of human is incredible. In particular, it took only about a million years for human beings to grow from birth to civilization, which is an incredible thing in the 4.6 billion year history of the earth’s life evolution.

Although millions of years is a very long time in the eyes of many people, it is a very short time for the evolutionary history of a life. In the long 4.6 billion years of the earth, there have been many dominant organisms, the most representative of which is dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were born 200 million years ago and extinct 65 million years ago.


Dinosaurs traveled all over the world 65 million years ago. They were very tall. At that time, the number of dinosaurs was not small, and they were the overlord of the earth at that time. Dinosaurs lived on the earth about 160 million years ago. In the billions of years of life history of the earth, this is not a short time. What makes people feel strange is that in the long 160 million years, dinosaurs did not give birth to wisdom, let alone dinosaur civilization.

So some people have such a question: why can human beings give birth to wisdom in a short period of one million years, while dinosaurs have lived for 160 million years but have not? After this question was raised, many friends joined in the discussion and made a possible analysis and Study on the reasons why dinosaurs did not produce wisdom for 160 million years. Now let’s summarize the various views of our friends.

As we all know, there is a basic law in nature: things are natural, and the fittest survive. Creatures in nature compete with each other, and those who can adapt to life will choose to survive. If any creature wants not to be eliminated by nature, it can only stand at the top of the food chain. Dinosaurs did it 65 million years ago. Relying on their own strength, they became the top of the food chain and the overlord of the earth.

In the age of dinosaurs, no creature was the opponent of dinosaurs. The only thing that could pose a threat to dinosaurs was their internal fighting. We should know that the whole dinosaur community would also compete for food and territory. One of the reasons why dinosaurs didn’t give birth to wisdom may be related to their huge physique. We should know that dinosaurs are born with strong physique. From birth to adulthood, there are basically no natural enemies, and no creatures dare to challenge the authority of dinosaurs.


But it is the innate advantage of dinosaurs that makes dinosaurs advocate power. Do they need wisdom? No, as long as they have strong physical strength, any wisdom is useless. They don’t need wisdom. They can defeat all enemies by relying on strength. Therefore, dinosaurs don’t need to think. When they are hungry, they go out to hunt, eat and sleep. In this case, the brain of dinosaurs will not have obvious evolutionary development.

As we all know, the most obvious difference between intelligent life and other creatures is the evolution of brain. So why can human beings quickly evolve from primitive birth to intelligent life? This is also closely related to the cruel natural law of the survival of the fittest. The ancestors of human beings were primates. They were weak in the whole food chain of nature at that time.

Primates, as we all know, have no strong physique, so do our primitive ancestors. At that time, after some primates came down from trees, they began to learn to walk upright. At this time, their survival in nature encountered great challenges. You know, there are many animals in the plains that can threaten the primitive ancestors of human beings, who were at the bottom of the food chain at that time.


How to survive without a strong constitution? So before this cruel reality, human beings began to learn to think in their primitive ancestors. Every day, they were thinking about how to survive, how to avoid being attacked by wild animals, and how to find food if they caught wild animals. In constant thinking, the brain began to develop rapidly, the brain capacity continued to increase, and the initial wisdom began to appear.

When human beings learned to make simple stone tools, drill wood to make fire and other skills through thinking, they also learned some hunting techniques such as digging traps. Moreover, in order to better cope with the attacks from beasts and survive better, the primitive ancestors of human beings chose to live together. When the human primitive ancestors gathered to survive, there was more communication between them, and their wisdom began to improve greatly.

The rapid birth of human intelligence has an important relationship with the natural environment. Human ancestors have no strong physical strength, so they can only develop to intelligence in order to survive. Because dinosaurs are born with strong physical strength, they can survive well without wisdom, which is the result of natural selection.

Some friends think that dinosaurs were not born, wisdom may be related to not using hands. We all know that humans are evolved from primates and apes. We can walk upright and have flexible hands. But dinosaurs did not. Through the dinosaur fossils excavated by archaeologists, we can see that the dinosaur’s forepaws were very short, relying on its big mouth and hard and sharp tusks.


In the dinosaur’s view, as long as relying on the tall body, coupled with the hard and sharp tusks, they can become the overlord, and their hands seem to have no effect at all. Therefore, in the process of evolution, dinosaurs gradually abandoned the evolution of forepaws and evolved strong hind paws and strong mouth and teeth. For carnivorous dinosaurs, arms are not as useful as fangs and claws. For herbivorous dinosaurs, they don’t need to evolve arms to eat grass and leaves. However, primates are different.

Primates are totally different. Their physique is not strong. They need to rely on flexible avoidance techniques to escape and hunt. At this time, it is very important to have a pair of flexible and developed arms and hands. And primates also rely on their arms and hands have a flexible body, can avoid the attack of animals. With arms and hands, it is also very important for the evolution of wisdom.

These are some friends’ analysis of the reasons why dinosaurs did not evolve wisdom after living for 160 million years, while humans only did it in a million years. Of course, this is just a kind of conjecture. As for what happened in the age of dinosaurs, 65 million years later, we can only make conjecture based on some dinosaur fossils.


The extinction of dinosaurs has always been controversial, although it is now generally believed that the extinction of dinosaurs originated from an asteroid impact. However, there are still many doubts about the extinction of dinosaurs. According to the dinosaur fossils found all over the world, we can see that dinosaurs were widely distributed at that time. Asteroid impact is unlikely to lead to the global extinction of dinosaurs. It is possible that there are other mysterious reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs that we do not know.

For the birth of human beings, although the general view is that primates evolved, through continuous exploration and research in recent years, it is found that there was a fault in the life history of the earth, and human beings appeared in this fault time. Why is there such a time fault? What happened in this period of time? It’s still a mystery.

It can be seen that the birth of human beings, the extinction of dinosaurs and whether dinosaurs had some wisdom in the 160 million years of life evolution still need continuous exploration and research.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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