Why didn’t dinosaurs, who lived for 160 million years, produce civilization, while human beings did?

Human beings were born on the earth millions of years ago, and then through continuous evolution and growth, entered the scientific and technological civilization, so as to go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. When we are friends, we will sigh: human beings are really a wonderful intelligent life. It took only millions of years for human beings to evolve from primitive life to intelligent civilization, which is incredible. It took more than 200 years for human beings to develop science and technology and walk out of the earth, creating a miracle of civilization.

In the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, there have been countless lives. Some lives on the earth have lived much longer than human beings. For example, the dinosaurs that died out 65 million years ago due to the impact of asteroids. Dinosaurs used to dominate the earth for 160 million years. I believe many people will think at this time: Why did the dinosaurs that lived for 160 million years not produce civilization, but human beings produced civilization?

Some people may say that human beings are the sons of nature and are favored by the God of luck. But in fact, it has nothing to do with whether human beings are lucky enough or not. It’s completely forced by the choice of nature and life. Nature is merciless. If any life wants to survive on the earth, it must adapt to nature. If it cannot adapt, it will be eliminated.

Human beings can survive and evolve into intelligent civilization step by step in order to adapt to nature and survive. After the birth of human beings, they are not born with strong physique, and their bodies are very weak, which can not be compared with those huge and strong creatures in nature. Human beings have to be ruthlessly crushed, but they have to survive. In order to live and survive on the earth, they have learned to use their brains.


Human beings do not have strong physique. They can only win by wisdom, so they begin to make and use tools, learn to make traps, and learn to think. Under the cruel survival test of nature, such human beings have not changed much in physique, but their intelligence has increased greatly, so they begin to warm themselves together, and have initially formed civilization.

Let’s talk about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, as we all know, 65 million years ago, they were the overlord of the earth. They were tall and powerful. There were almost no natural enemies on the earth. Dinosaurs were lucky. They were born with strong physique. They were the creatures standing at the top of the food chain. They were big dinosaurs with the golden key. They didn’t have to worry about food. They didn’t have to worry about other creatures coming with them When other creatures see dinosaurs, they have to make a detour.

In this case, dinosaurs live a very comfortable life. When they go to that stop, other animals are scared away. They go out for a turn. Relying on their strong strength, they can harvest enough food by stepping on their feet. In order to survive, they naturally don’t use their brains. That is, they have developed limbs and simple head. Dinosaurs don’t have to think about how to hunt animals for food, how to defend against the invasion of powerful creatures and so on.

Dinosaur family is to eat and sleep, wake up, go out to get some food, and then sleep. In this way, the mind has been living simply. No wonder in 160 million years, dinosaurs have not yet grown into intelligent life, let alone formed a dinosaur civilization. If dinosaurs do not die out and develop for another 160 million years, they may still have such intelligence, because they are too powerful to have natural enemies No competition, no brain development.


In fact, just like some children from rich families in the real world, they are born rich and wealthy. They don’t worry about food and clothing when they are young, and they don’t have any pressure. When they grow up, their achievements are often limited. And those children who have been poor, suffering and tired since childhood, are under great pressure, and often achieve extraordinary achievements when they grow up. This is the case with many big entrepreneurs in reality, and I believe there are many friends around you.

The above are some discussions on why dinosaurs did not become intelligent life in 160 million years, while human beings only used millions of years to say that they grew into intelligent life. Of course, this explanation is only a conjecture, and many people do not agree with it. In fact, there is no unified answer to the origin of human beings in the scientific community. Some people think that human beings are the evolution of primitive life on earth step by step, while others think that the emergence of human beings is too sudden, and no life with potential can evolve from primitive life to intelligent life in just a few million years.

Indeed, Xiaobian is also very curious about the origin of human beings, and thinks that the emergence of human beings is too strange. It seems that it was arranged by people. In the 4.6 billion years of the earth, only human beings have evolved into intelligent civilization in only millions of years, and also walked out of the earth. It is believed that there will be many extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. It is estimated that millions of years will be hard for extraterrestrial civilizations to grow from primitive society to intelligent life.

Scientists have been looking for evidence and answers about the origin of human beings. We believe that we can find them in the near future. My friends think why can human beings become intelligent civilization in millions of years? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your views.


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