Why didn’t Einstein come into being in China? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

Human civilization has a history of about 10000 years. In the history of civilization, different periods have different glories. If you want to ask from which period, human civilization has entered a period of rapid development, I believe many people will answer that it started from the first industrial revolution hundreds of years ago.

Yes, the period when human civilization really ushered in qualitative change began with the first industrial revolution, which began in 1759 and ended in 1840. In this revolution, the mode of production of human beings began to change significantly, and there was a trend that machines replaced human or animal power. As machines gradually began to be widely used, this era in history is called “machine age”. The industrial revolution, like the agricultural revolution 10000 years ago, has brought about great changes in the society. As a result, mankind has entered a new “steam age”.

The second industrial revolution and the third industrial revolution made human civilization develop so fast that we can’t believe it. Why can human beings have such rapid development after entering the era of science and technology? Different people may have different answers, but the most important one is the birth of some great scientists.


I believe friends will not doubt the importance of a great scientist in leading human science and technology. More than 200 years ago, there were not many scientists in the world, but at that time a great scientist named Newton was born. Newton put forward the great classical mechanics theory on the basis of predecessors, and then created the foundation for human to explore the world and the universe.

More than 100 years ago, a great scientist was born in human civilization. His name was Einstein. Einstein put forward the great mass energy equation and the theory of relativity, which made human civilization soar again. In addition to Newton and Einstein, many other great scientists were born more than 100 years ago. They have laid the basic theories for human beings in various fields of science, and it is these basic theories that accelerate the development of human science and technology.

Whether it is classical mechanics or relativity, the equation of mass and energy, they are all basic physical theories. All exploration and Research on physics should be carried out on the basis of these basic theories. Without basic theory, there will be no glorious era of science and technology. Many people may think that the current science and technology is far beyond 100 years ago and 200 years ago.

But from a scientific point of view, we have to face the fact that there has been no breakthrough in the basic scientific theories of human beings in the past 100 years. The scientific and technological systems we have now basically still follow the path of basic science proposed by those great scientists 200 years ago and 100 years ago.


If you want to ask the number of scientists in human civilization, the number of scientists today is far more than 200 years ago. 100 years ago, it may be dozens of times more than 100 years ago. So many scientists can not compare with a Newton, an Einstein’s contribution to mankind. This shows how important a great scientist like Einstein is to the development of human civilization.

If we want to make a real breakthrough in the new scientific field and let human civilization really upgrade, it is useless to rely on the number of scientists alone. We must have one or more great people like Einstein and Newton. At this point, many friends may have found that these great scientists in the history of human science are all from the western world, but there is not one in China in the eastern world.

So some people have such a question: why didn’t China give birth to such a great scientist as Einstein? To solve this mystery, we need to listen to experts. In fact, this question is very simple, mainly because the culture and thought of ancient Chinese history is very different from that of the western world.


I believe many friends know that since ancient times, Chinese thought is relatively conservative, which is influenced by the 5000 years of Chinese Confucian culture, and is engraved in the bones of Chinese people. It’s hard to change easily. Naturally, this kind of Confucian conservative thinking in China has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it’s natural that Chinese people are kind and hospitable, and they are a peaceful people.

The disadvantage is that it is very difficult for us to break through our thinking and explore the brain hole when we carry out some scientific research. However, the western world is different. Since ancient times, the western world has been developing the idea of freedom, which is not well controlled in management and rule. But when human civilization enters the era of science and technology, its powerful benefits will be reflected.

Why didn’t China have such great scientists as Newton and Einstein in the age of science and technology for hundreds of years? Einstein once gave an indirect answer to this question. He once said: Ancient China did not form a logical science view similar to the western world. However, the freedom thought of the western world has achieved the idea of logical science.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this view of logical science on the road of science. Only with the view of logical science can we really walk in the forefront of science and put forward the great science beyond the times. Whether Newton’s classical mechanics or Einstein’s theory of relativity, at that time, people were not safe to accept.


Take Einstein’s many theories and conjectures for example. More than 100 years ago, many people thought that they were pure nonsense and myths. But later facts tell us that is the essence of all things and the key to exploring the mysteries of the universe. Is there no science in ancient China? Of course, it’s not. China has a civilization of 5000 years. Ancient China has long existed in conjecture and exploration of the universe.

But why did classical mechanics, relativity and other great basic sciences end up in the western world? The main reason is that China’s five thousand years of Confucian culture, so that the Chinese form the experience of science, but not the formation of logical science. What does that mean? To put it simply, the Chinese are more pragmatic. Our scientific research does not like to engage in things that are beyond our control.

Chinese scientists like to study the science that can be realized in their lifetime. This is empirical science. That is to say, on the basis of predecessors or someone has paved the way for us. Then, we will continue to dig on these correct paths. Therefore, although China’s science and technology started late, its development speed is very fast. The reason is that we do not engage in virtual, like to do things that can succeed.


Many people may not understand it. Let’s give a few more examples. Let’s take the soul that people are puzzled about. The word “soul” is a statement put forward by Western scientists. In fact, there is a name for soul in China. We call it ghost. If you want to ask where the legend of ghosts originated, I believe many people know it is China.

In the 5000 years of Chinese civilization, there have been various legends about ghosts for a long time. But in the eyes of Chinese science, the theory of ghosts is superstition, folklore and nonexistent. Therefore, almost no Chinese scientist will spend a huge amount of energy and a lifetime to study and explore this topic. Because, as we all know, this kind of ethereal soul theory may take a lifetime and make no progress.

However, in the western world, some scientists are interested in the ghost of Chinese legend, and began to constantly study and explore it. There are even some scientists who have spent their whole lives exploring and studying ghosts. In the end, Western scientists have made some achievements. Of course, no scientist can prove the real existence of the soul, but Western scientists have put forward the theory of consciousness by studying and exploring the soul, and consciousness is the real existence of human beings.

Through this example, we can see that there are great differences in the way of scientific exploration between eastern and Western scientists. We like to study things that are more pragmatic, uncertain and illusory, and Chinese scientists basically will not study and explore. Even some scientists speculate that the soul may exist, but they just think about it. No scientist will really spend his whole life to study it.


However, Western scientists are different. No matter how illusory things are, scientists will spend a lot of energy and time on exploration and research. After Newton put forward the idea of universal gravitation, he devoted his later years to the exploration and study of theology. Einstein also studied theology in his later years, which is the greatness of logical science. Let’s go back to China. Which scientist will spend the rest of his life studying theology?

Because theology is an illusory thing, which can’t be proved to be real, and it’s useless for Chinese to study and explore it. After reading these, I believe you can also understand why, in the past three years or so of science history, China has not born great scientists who can lead human science and technology. Of course, throughout the history of Western science, such figures as Newton and Einstein are rare.

The road of human scientific exploration has just begun. If human civilization wants to upgrade in the future, it will inevitably need the emergence of great scientists like Newton and Einstein. So will China be the next one to lead the way of human science? With the rapid development of human science and technology, Chinese people are constantly emancipating their minds. Now we are gradually changing from the view of empirical science to the view of logical science.


As long as the Chinese people also have a strong view of logical science, their scientific research ability can not be compared with that of Western scientists. Now that we have entered the 21st century, the science that can lead human science and technology in the future and upgrade human civilization has actually appeared. One is quantum mechanics, the other is dark matter and dark energy.

Whether it is quantum mechanics or the exploration and research of dark matter and dark energy, now China is no less than the western world, especially in the research and exploration of quantum mechanics, China is in the forefront of the world. It is believed that in the near future, Chinese scientists will be the first to make major breakthroughs in the research and exploration of quantum mechanics or dark matter. At that time, China will have at least one great scientist who can compare with Einstein.

Hundreds of years before the 21st century, the direction of human science and technology was controlled by the western world. From the beginning of the 21st century, the direction of human science and technology for hundreds of years in the future may be controlled by the Chinese people. We are looking forward to that day.

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