Why didn’t nature evolve fire breathing creatures? Those who have this ability are limited by these three points!

Why didn’t nature evolve fire breathing creatures? Those who have this ability are limited by these three points!


There are countless species on the earth. In this period of 4.6 billion, the earth has bred countless lives. The living habits of each creature are quite different, leading to very different outcomes. Some organisms are unable to adapt to the environment, and eventually go extinct. Some organisms have multiple branches, reproduce and continue to this day. In life, in order to accompany their children to play, most parents will choose the zoo. There are many rare animals in the zoo, so that children can have close contact with animals.


Mutual restriction of organisms in nature


There is still a big gap between animals, such as tigers and giraffes. One is carnivore, the other is herbivore. They are different in appearance and characteristics. If you study it carefully, you will find that all creatures in nature restrict and grow up with each other. We have seen the animals flying in the sky, running on the ground and swimming in the water. These animals belong to nature. I don’t know if you have found a problem. None of these biological features has the function of fire breathing. It is reasonable to say that creatures with the great function of fire breathing are likely to become the overlord of the earth. Why have they not appeared so far? Why didn’t nature evolve fire breathing creatures? Those who have this ability are limited by these three points!


The reason why the function of flamethrower can’t evolve


When we watch science fiction movies, we often see a lot of strange animals with the ability of flying and spitting fire. The environment after spitting fire will be flattened. This function is very powerful. But we all know that this is a kind of fictional creature. There is no fire breathing creature in real life. The ignition point of fire is much higher than that of ordinary matter. It is very difficult for a creature to control it easily. At least the body’s tolerance should be maintained at hundreds of degrees centigrade. Otherwise, the organs in the body can’t bear it. Maybe they will be burned to death before they practice the function of spitting fire. If we want to master this function, we must exercise our body’s bearing capacity, otherwise it is nonsense.


The second reason is that nature does not allow it. Everything in nature has rules to follow, and each organism restricts each other to form a perfect food chain. Once fire and oxygen contact, it will cause a huge disaster, accelerate the combustion process, and destroy the surrounding environment. It will not only threaten their own lives, but also cause unavoidable damage to nature. It is obvious that nature will not allow the emergence of fire breathing organisms.


Finally, this function doesn’t work much. Although the fire can burn a creature’s body, compared with its sensitive limbs and huge body size, it is a little weak. When you are in danger, you may not be able to save your life. On the contrary, it is not easy to run fast. In fact, many creatures used to have the function of spitting fire. Because they are not commonly used, they will eventually be eliminated.


Fire breathing may be a powerful skill for all creatures, but its practicability is not high. After such a long time, there are still no fire breathing creatures in nature. All these are the results of natural selection. We should respect the laws of nature. If you blindly disobey, there will be no good end. Do you think there has been no fire spewing creature in nature? Is there any other reason? You can leave a message for interaction.

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