Why didn’t our ancestors want to tame flying animals as mounts? The reason is not complicated

Flying has always been the dream of human beings. After entering the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, we invented flying tools. Through these tools, human beings finally realized the dream of flying. It can fly tens of thousands of meters to overlook the earth, but this kind of flight with the help of scientific and technological tools is not the original flight mode that people look at.

What many people are looking for is that there is a kind of bird that can carry human beings to fly freely. This kind of flying ability is much better than flying. However, such a wish has not been realized since the day of human birth, so some people have such a question: why didn’t our ancestors want to tame flying animals as mounts?


In fact, we can’t blame our ancestors. In ancient times, our ancestors were very intelligent. In order to improve productivity, they bravely tamed some wild animals to serve human beings. For example: tame wild horses as livestock to help people transport heavy objects; tame bison as livestock to help people cultivate land; tame wild dogs to help people watch the yield.

There are many such examples, which are the embodiment of the great wisdom and courage of our ancestors, and are worthy of our awe and admiration. So didn’t our ancestors look at the sky and fly? Of course not. In fact, in the eyes of human ancestors, the sky was the place they looked at most.

You know, in ancient times, human beings did not have flying tools. At that time, human ancestors lived on land, and they had to be attacked by all kinds of wild animals at any time. Although people had tamed some land creatures as mounts at that time, their running speed could not be compared with that of wild animals. The speed of flying animals is very fast. If there is a flying mount, people’s survival ability will undoubtedly be greatly improved, and they can expand their horizons and reach farther places.


With such a powerful and useful flying mount, human ancestors naturally looked forward to it, and dreamed of taming a flying animal as a mount. But why not? In fact, it’s not that our ancestors didn’t tame flying animals. In fact, our ancestors also tamed some more docile flying animals, but these flying animals are too small to bear the weight of human body, so they can’t carry people to fly.

Why can’t flying animals carry people? This is because the maximum weight that birds can bear in flight is the weight of their own body, which is difficult to bear the weight of other creatures. And we all know that most of the flying creatures in the world are ordinary birds, and the relationship between the wingspan and body weight of birds is about 1:2. If the weight of a bird is 2kg, the wingspan is about 1m. If the wingspan is longer, it will be able to fly. Otherwise, it will be difficult to take off and clumsy to fly.


We should know that there are more creatures with wings. Some of them are heavier, but their wingspan can’t reach the standard, so they are very clumsy. They can only walk on land and can’t fly to the sky. For example: chicken, ostrich, etc. Although the birds in ancient times were larger than they are now, they still could not carry the weight of human body.

We need to know that the average weight of human is about 60 kg, and even if the wingspan of birds is more than 10 meters, the weight is far less than 60 kg, so naturally, we can’t lift them up. Some friends may have said that the eagle above the grassland can catch its prey and fly. The reason is not complicated.

The eagles on the grassland themselves are relatively large birds, and their prey are basically small animals such as mice and rabbits. Because the weight of the eagle is more than that of the prey, it can be caught and flown. Of course, it’s just catching up and flying. If you put the rabbit on the eagle’s back, it’s not easy to fly.


If human beings want to find a kind of flying animal to be a mount, what conditions should they meet? There are mainly four conditions: first, the wingspan is at least 15 meters or more; second, the weight of oneself cannot exceed 100 kg; third, the intelligence is extremely high; fourth, the temperament of obedient relatives.

Have flying animals that can meet these four conditions ever appeared in the history of life on earth? The answer is yes. In the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, some pterosaurs were able to initially meet these conditions. According to the archaeological findings of scientists, the wingspan of pterosaurs in the age of dinosaurs can reach more than 15 meters, their weight is not big, and they have good intelligence. We don’t know whether they are docile or not.


It can be seen that flying mount is not a dream that cannot be realized, but with the end of the age of dinosaurs, pterosaurs have evolved into later birds after the mass extinction, and their size has naturally become much smaller. After the birth of human beings, the huge changes in the ecological environment, the size of birds, etc. can not be compared with the pterosaurs of the dinosaur era. In the age of human beings, there were no birds with a wingspan of more than 15 meters.

The world’s largest flying bird, the Argentinean giant eagle, has a wingspan of 7 meters. However, such a large bird can not fly because of its heavy body and can only glide for a certain distance. Even if the giant Argentine eagle can fly, it is far less than the minimum wingspan of 15 meters for human flight.

Generally speaking, our ancestors didn’t have flying mounts. They were born at a wrong time and missed the age of dinosaurs. If humans were born in the age of dinosaurs, then pterosaurs could become our tame objects. At that time, there might be a large number of Dragon Knights.


Of course, human beings should not be disappointed. No flying mount now does not mean no flying mount in the future. With the continuous progress of human science and technology and the rapid development of genetic technology, in the future, we may be able to make pterosaurs reappear in the world by modifying genes, and then we can realize the dream of flying knight. Of course, even if there is no flying mount, there will be various single flying vehicles in the future, which can also let us fly freely in the sky.

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