Why didn’t the end of Maya come? China’s satellite captured the earth change, maybe the time is wrong!

Human civilization has lasted for thousands of years, and the wisdom of our ancestors has become a valuable asset. If we want to talk about the most brilliant and mysterious civilization in human history, I believe many people will think of the Maya civilization for the first time. At that time, the Maya people became the overlord of the earth and created advanced calendars and technologies. Even in modern times, we feel inferior to ourselves.


Mayan Prophecy


With the deepening of exploration, many people have questioned the Mayan civilization. The Mayans predicted the end of the world, but the end did not come. What is the matter? Did the Mayans say it wrong, or did they miscalculate the time? It has to be said that with the development of modern science and technology, the living standard of human beings has soared rapidly, and our lives have undergone endless changes. However, the development of science and technology is not all meaningful. Although we are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology, the earth’s environment has been seriously damaged.


Since entering the industrial society, heavy industry has developed rapidly, and a large number of pollutants are released to the earth every year, which has greatly damaged the environment. Especially with the popularity of private cars, a large number of car exhaust into the atmosphere, the air structure has changed, the concentration of carbon dioxide is higher and higher, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the earth has been very different from previous years.


The earth today


Just some time ago, Chinese satellites captured the present face of the earth. The earth is no longer what it used to be. In our inherent cognition, the earth is a blue star. In the vast and dark universe, the bright blue has become the position of astronauts. However, with the development of human industry, the blue light of the earth is no longer, but a piece of gray Misty atmosphere. This has also sounded an alarm for mankind. Many people think that maybe the end of the world in the Maya population is not 2012, and mankind may have miscalculated the time.


Scientists believe that the earth is in the process of self-help. Through the satellite photos, we can see that the earth is no longer clear and blue. The reason for this phenomenon is the greenhouse effect. If human beings continue to let the earth’s environment deteriorate, then with the rising temperature and the complete melting of global glaciers, most of the cities will be submerged to the bottom of the sea. Where should human beings live?


Therefore, many conspiracy theorists believe that the end of the world may not be far away from us. The end of 2020 does not mean the end of the disaster, but the continuation of the disaster. We must pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment from now on. Only in this way can we strive for more time to change the earth and find a second home.

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