Why didn’t the United States land on the moon again after its successful landing in 1972?

Some time ago, the whole world was brushed by the rare blue blood total lunar eclipse in 152 years, and this total lunar eclipse lasted more than an hour, and it was very easy to observe.


As we all know, China’s manned lunar landing program has also taken a very big step, known as the “Chang’e program”. At present, the “lunar exploration project” has been completed, and chang’e-5 has also successfully landed on the moon. It can be said that China is also fully capable of landing on the moon. Today, Russia and the United States are landing on the moon, followed by China. So why do humans have to land on the moon? What’s more, in recent years, everyone has tacit understanding that there is no more competition for landing on the moon?

Let’s first analyze the human race to the moon. Long ago, the United Nations Convention on the Moon said: “the moon belongs to all mankind, and whoever develops it will use it.”. So, because of this sentence, we all have a profitable heart to the moon. Moreover, in the process of exploring whether the moon is profitable or not, those who go up first can not only seize the opportunity, but also announce the strength of their country to the world. Therefore, in such a big environment and background, everyone is rubbing their hands. Thus, in 1959, the Soviet Union’s “moon No. 1” unmanned probe circled the surface of the moon, opening the door to lunar exploration. Thus, in 1969, Apollo in the United States followed, and opened a precedent for human landing on the moon. And the third, our China, Shenzhou-5 manned spacecraft flew into space, realizing our Chinese space dream.


But with the realization of the dream of landing on the moon, the world seems to lose interest in exploring the moon. In fact, the reason why we are so interested in the moon is to explore whether the moon can be used by human beings. But in fact, there are very few things on the moon that can be provided for human beings, and it is of little significance for us to explore the moon in a big fight. Exploring the moon is a costly activity. It’s better to spend more time exploring other planets than spending time on these things.


As we have said above, in fact, we go to explore the moon to show the world the strength of our countries, not only in terms of capital, but also in terms of technology. Up to now, the countries exploring the moon are still China, Russia and the United States, which is enough to illustrate some problems. Ye Peijian, chief designer of China’s lunar exploration project, also said that China is building its own space station step by step, and will surpass other countries in the world in the future, when anyone can land on the moon. I hope this hope will come true soon.

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