Why do astronauts carry guns when they go into space? Look at the lessons of the Soviet Union!

Why do astronauts carry guns when they go into space? Look at the lessons of the Soviet Union!


In 2003, Yang Liwei, as the first Chinese to land in space, ushered in a new era of space. At one time, many people’s dream was to go to space to have a look. At last, this dream came true. Yang Liwei traveled around space and finally returned home smoothly, which made China’s space industry leap forward. Not only China, but also other countries have never given up on the aerospace field.


When it comes to the space field, the first reaction is the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is the big brother in the space field. Its development in this field is obvious to all, and even the United States has to obey it. The Soviet Union has a very developed space technology and has always been a pioneer in this field. In 1966, the Soviet Union sent two astronauts into space to complete the first spacewalk. Why do astronauts carry guns when they go into space? Look at the lessons of the Soviet Union!


Unfortunately, when returning to the ground, due to the failure of the positioning system, the spaceship was forced to fall into a primeval forest. Fortunately, the two astronauts were not in any danger. The primeval forest was in danger, and the sounds of wild animals were often heard. At that time, the two astronauts were very flustered. Because they did not carry guns, they had to find a safe place to hide Get up, and finally wait for the arrival of rescue workers, fortunately these beasts did not find their trace, they were successfully rescued, this is a lesson from the past.


After Yang Liwei landed in space, he carried guns with him. At the beginning, many people felt very strange. According to the truth, except that the environment of space is different from the earth, there is not much danger. Why should he carry guns? After understanding, we know that this is all a lesson learned from the Soviet Union. If the spaceship fails in any way and is forced to land somewhere, it can protect its life with guns.


Space is in a vacuum environment. When human beings enter space, there will be no gravity and a lot of radiation. There are too many uncertain factors. It is difficult for us to guarantee that there will be no failure when the spaceship returns. If there is any problem like the Soviet Union and it falls into the Virgin forest again, we may not be so lucky. Therefore, carrying guns is also for our own safety All things considered, so every country’s astronauts into space must carry guns.


Every astronaut is not easy. We only see their bright surface, but ignore the bitterness behind them. They need strong physical fitness and great courage. The spirit of every astronaut landing in space is worth learning. They are great people in the space field, and we should be proud of them. This is also the main reason why many astronauts go into space to carry guns, which plays a certain preventive role. Everyone’s life is only once. If there is an accident when they return to the earth after traveling around the space, wouldn’t it be too much to lose? What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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