Why do astronauts carry guns?

Maybe some people should know that the space hero Yang Liwei had prepared a pistol before he launched. In fact, not only did Yang Liwei prepare a pistol at that time, for the United States and Russia, it was completely standard to carry a gun before going to heaven. When many people see this, they may think, is there really an alien in the universe who needs to defend himself with a gun? Or are astronauts going to hunt on the moon? Although the answer is not so complicated, it is not so simple. Xiaobian, let’s take a look.


There are two main reasons

1. For field self-defense


The purpose of self-defense is not to fight with aliens in the universe, but to prevent the spacecraft from falling into the virgin forest and other places to meet fierce beasts to protect itself. There was once such an example. Due to some fault, a Soviet spacecraft did not reach the designated area when it landed, but fell into a large forest in Siberia. We should know that unarmed human beings are very dangerous in the primeval forest. Bears, wolves and other ferocious creatures are often used in the forest. At that time, the Soviet astronaut was like this, almost attacked by wild animals in the vast primeval forest.


2. Prevent attacks from other countries

After all, in the process of the spacecraft landing, there may be many unexpected things, which may lead to the spacecraft falling into the territory of other countries. If other countries can be hospitable, there will inevitably be some hostile countries that may covet the valuable information brought back by astronauts from space and attack them. At this time, the pistol of astronauts can play a role.


Generally speaking, in fact, for space work, every item brought into space has a lot of difficulties. There is also a saying that the freight for bringing items into space is equal to gold of the same quality, so most astronauts bring into space pistols that are easy to carry. That’s why astronauts need to bring a pistol when they fly into space.

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