Why do astronauts sit in chairs after landing? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

The universe is a yearning and mysterious place. The universe is vast and vast. No one can tell how big it is. With the rapid progress of human science and technology, we can also fly into space to explore. This gave birth to a great career: astronaut. Astronauts are the representatives of human beings, with human expectations into the unknown space, to explore the dangerous space environment.

The space environment is different from the earth. It is in a vacuum state. Every astronaut is selected layer by layer, and then after countless simulation training, he can enter space. Even so, the strange space environment still has certain dangers. Astronauts are admired and awed by people, and many people are concerned about their every move. Careful friends will find a problem: when the astronauts complete their mission in space and return to the ground, they are all lifted out of the cockpit, and then can’t get up on the ride. Even if there are leaders to comfort them, remember The interviewers were all on horseback.

Maybe many people don’t understand. Why? With so many people standing and many leaders coming to visit them, are these astronauts still sitting like this? Is the impact not very good? Some people may say that it’s for the health of astronauts, while others may say that it’s a special treatment for astronauts. When they land from space, they must be tired, and there’s no problem sitting for an interview. But in fact, these conjectures are not entirely correct, things are not so simple.


First of all, we need to understand that this arrangement of astronauts is really for the sake of the physical safety of astronauts. Astronauts who have just returned to earth should be extremely careful in their actions after landing. A little caution may endanger their lives. This is by no means alarmist, but scientific. As we all know, astronauts have been in weightlessness in space. In this case, although astronauts have undergone various training and adapted to it, it is not so easy for human brain and nerves to adapt to it.

Just after landing, because the astronauts’ brain has not slowed down, there will be some uncoordinated actions. Maybe many people can’t imagine what kind of situation it is. Let’s take the roller coaster as an example. I believe that all friends who have done roller coaster can feel it. After you get off the roller coaster once, your brain feels dizzy and your body doesn’t adapt. If you ride the roller coaster 10 times in a row, I believe you will understand how astronauts feel after landing in space.

The astronauts have just fallen to the earth from the space environment of blunder, and the heaviness of their head and feet is light. If it’s serious, they may feel dizzy or even vomit. At this time, they can’t stand. Only sitting in a chair can they normally accept interviews. What’s more serious is that when astronauts stay in space for a long time, there will be muscle atrophy and bone loss. In the weightlessness environment of space, every astronaut will have different degrees of muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. At this time, it’s not easy for astronauts to wear heavy spacesuits and let them stand.

After astronauts go to space for a period of time, they usually need to recuperate for about three years after returning to earth before they can enter space again. Some astronauts may only go to space once in their life, and their physical condition will not be able to enter space again. It can be seen that the weightlessness environment in space has a great impact on the body of the universe.


However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, it will be more and more easy for astronauts to enter space in the future. When astronauts enter space, there are mainly two factors that cause harm to their health. One is cosmic radiation, and the other is weightless environment. With the constant renewal of spacesuit and spaceship materials, the damage of cosmic radiation to astronauts will be less and less or even disappear.

The future spaceship will have a gravity system, that is, there will be gravity inside the spaceship as well as the earth. In this way, the astronauts on the spaceship will be the same as staying on the earth, and there will be no harm to the body caused by weightlessness. The return of spaceships to earth is as common as the take-off and landing of airplanes now, and the future is bound to be the era of space exploration for all people, and everyone can enter space. Spaceships will also enter thousands of households, just like cars now. This is the real space age. I believe this day will not be too far away.

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