Why do astronauts who are not afraid of landing on the moon feel fear when they look at the earth from the moon?

How does it feel to see the earth from the moon? So far, only 12 people have successfully arrived on the moon and observed the earth from the moon, that is, the 1968 Apollo moon landing program of the United States. A total of 12 astronauts will land on the moon.


It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the astronauts who have successfully arrived at the surface of the moon, there are many astronauts who have stayed on the orbit of the moon. Whether they arrive at the moon or are on the moon, the astronauts have seen the earth from the moon. After arriving at the surface of the earth, every astronaut who has successfully returned from the moon often talks about the feeling of looking at the earth from the surface of the moon All of them will feel the fear after they receive it, and their views are even astonishingly similar.

When they see the face of the earth from the surface of the moon, they will feel very scared. In their eyes, the blue planet earth is so unreal. The main reason for this is that people living on earth are used to the phenomenon of the sun rising and setting in the East and West. It’s the same with astronauts, who are used to acquiesce in 24 hours a day, and when people arrive on the moon, the time will be very slow.


When people look at the earth from the moon 380000 kilometers away from the earth’s surface, they will clearly find that the speed of the sun is very slow. On the moon, it takes seven Earth days from the horizon of the moon to noon, and 14 Earth days a day, followed by a long night. Obviously, the day on the moon is very long.


Moreover, the brightness of the earth seen on the moon is about 50 times more than that of the moon observed by human beings on the earth. The surface area of the earth is about 14 times that of the moon. Obviously, this phenomenon is very shocking. What’s more surprising is that on the earth, the moon rises in the East and sets in the West.

On the moon, the earth in the sky of the moon is still. When you observe the earth on the surface of the moon for a long time, you will find that the position of the earth in the lunar sky has not changed. This is because the moon is locked by the earth’s tidal force and cannot move. This phenomenon is also the reason why the moon’s rotation speed is slower and slower.


These phenomena for the knowledgeable astronauts, they have already understood, why do they still have fear? In fact, the fear of astronauts does not come from the natural phenomenon itself, but from their worry about human civilization, which is vulnerable to the universe.


The earth has revolved around the sun for more than 4 billion years in the vast universe, and the life born on the earth has a history of more than 3 billion years. From the Cambrian explosion of life to the five mass extinctions of life, countless earth creatures have been going extinct one after another. In addition, there are asteroids all around the earth’s orbit, and they “peep” the earth in groups, which is very exciting We not only sigh, this kind of weak life, actually can continue to this day on this blue planet, obviously this is a miracle.

Under the protection of the earth, mankind has entered the space age at ease. It is not worth pondering. When can we protect and nurture our earth? There is no doubt that the earth’s figure on the moon is still beautiful, and people really realize our insignificance.


Now there are another 8 billion people living on this blue planet. What is the future of mankind? It will take time to tell us the fate of the earth with a diameter of more than 12000 kilometers, the sun with a diameter of 1.51 kilometers from the earth’s surface, the Milky way with a diameter of 200000 light-years, and the universe with an observable diameter of 93 billion light-years.


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