Why do Chinese people have 204 bones and European and American people have 206? Where’s the other two?

In the process of human evolution, our ancestors survived after the survival of the fittest in nature. No matter human beings or other creatures, there are some differences in body structure in the process of adapting to environmental changes. Human beings are divided into three groups. Although we all share a common ancestor, in addition to differences in skin color, there are also differences in bone between Chinese and European and American people.


Chinese people have two less bones than European and American people


According to the scientists’ sampling survey of Chinese and European and American people, they unexpectedly found that more than 90% of Chinese people have 204 bones, while most European and American people have 206. This discovery has aroused great concern all over the world. Scientists’ data show that the two more bones of European and American people than Chinese people are located on the little toe. The Chinese have only two, while the Europeans and Americans have three.


Until the age of 20, the number of human bones has been changing


We all know that in the process of human growth, human organs have changed in various periods, and bones are no exception. Before the age of 20, the number of human bones has been changing. Most of the baby’s bones are cartilage, up to 305 pieces. With the growth of age, the cartilage becomes more and more hard, and connected together, saving a lot of unnecessary risks. Some people have done tests and found that the number of bones in adults is about one-third less than that in infants.


Environmental differences may affect bone growth


So why are there differences in the number of bones between Chinese and European? Scientists believe that this may be related to environmental adaptation. In the process of adapting to the environment, human beings have gradually evolved into the most suitable state for the environment. Although gorillas and humans have highly similar genes, but human hair recedes in the process of evolution, while gorillas have always preserved thick body hair, which is actually related to their survival in the wild. Gorillas have not evolved into human form because the environment has not given them the ability to evolve into human form. They have adapted to live in the wild, and gorilla form is the best state.


Therefore, environmental change can be evolved by human beings. The eating habits of European and American people are quite different from that of Chinese people. European and American people love milk and steak, so most of them are very tall. Chinese food culture is rich and colorful. Northerners are bigger than southerners, which is caused by different environments. Therefore, scientists always hold the idea that evolution has no direction, and only environment can influence evolution.


These two bones have no effect on the human body


In the process of evolution, some human organs have been gradually eliminated. Therefore, the lack of these two bones of Chinese people has little influence on their height than that of European and American people. Human beings have now broken the 7 billion mark. Different people live in different regions, so it is inevitable that there will be some differences in body structure, which is the result of natural evolution. What do you want to say about the two bones that Chinese people lack? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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