Why do dogs mate back to back? Isn’t that dangerous?

We often say that animals are the best friends of human beings. With the improvement of living standards, many young people choose to keep a pet to accompany them. In nature, they have the closest relationship with human beings. We give them enough food and living space, and they also keep house and accompany human beings. It is this kind of mutually beneficial relationship that makes dogs willing to accompany human beings.


Locking behavior of dogs

Although we are very familiar with dogs, I don’t know if we have noticed that there is a puzzling behavior on dogs. When it comes to mating, why do dogs have back-to-back behavior when they breed? It’s very strange and dangerous to us. In fact, tens of thousands of years ago, the ancestors of humans and dogs had established a mutually beneficial relationship. At that time, humans were still living a primitive life, and could make simple tools to avoid the pursuit of wild animals. Every time the ancients left a successful meal, they would attract the ancestors of dogs. At the beginning, humans would drive them away, but as time went on, humans also found him They have many advantages. When facing the powerful human, they will show a mature attitude. As long as human beings can give them some suffering, they can do their duty and be more loyal.


After tens of thousands of years of evolution, the evolution of dogs has also changed. Although dogs have become the subfamily of gray wolves, there is no reproductive isolation between them, but there is an obvious difference, that is, dogs no longer have estrus, and there is no difference all year round. Generally speaking, the mating time of a dog is not very long, 20 minutes to half an hour. The reason for back-to-back behavior is that the dog’s organs are quite special.


Why does this behavior occur?

There is a Ding bone on the dog’s reproductive organ, and there are two cavernous bodies at the end. When they mate, the two cavernous bodies will expand rapidly and form atresia within a few minutes. At this time, the male dog will turn around and start back-to-back behavior. That is to say, the reason why the dog can turn back-to-back is that the reproductive organs can rotate 90 degrees, and the next such behavior will last for 10 minutes. During this period, the two cavernous bodies are always in a state of expansion, so it is difficult to separate the two dogs. If an accident occurs at this time, then Both dogs are life-threatening or even dead.


At this time, the two dogs are in a very close state, there is no way to separate the two, so if there is an accident, both will often encounter danger. Strictly speaking, this kind of reproduction is very rare in nature. Generally, the group animals living in a safe environment will appear, which just shows that the dog’s living environment is very safe. It is with the protection of human beings that they can survive and reproduce freely. If the gray wolf or dog is put on the African prairie, it will face many risks. After all, there are many ferocious creatures in the African prairie. If the two dogs are in the mating period and encounter these large beasts, there will be only one end.


The creatures in nature have been evolving. Although we are puzzled by the way dogs mate, this way of reproduction can survive, which means it is conducive to evolution. What are the benefits of this? In fact, this can ensure the success rate of dog mating. The male dog’s genetic material will enter the female’s body, the whole process is relatively long, to ensure that there will not be too much accident, the probability of female pregnancy will be higher and higher, when these materials are completely released, the two cavernous bodies will shrink, the two dogs will be separated.

Although many people have dogs, there are still many people who don’t understand the way they breed. After seeing this behavior, I believe you have already understood it and will not hurt them rashly. What do you want to say?

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