Why do Eskimos like raw meat? It’s not easy to digest, is it not the end of evolution?

Why do Eskimos like raw meat? It’s not easy to digest, is it not the end of evolution?


The Arctic is different from the Antarctic. There is a very special group living here. In the Arctic Circle, near Alaska, Siberia, some people call them Eskimos. In Chinese, they mean people who love raw meat. Compared with this name, they prefer to be called Inuit. It is not groundless to get such a title.


In the Arctic Circle, the most popular food for Inuit is raw meat, especially when it begins to rot after a period of rest. In the cold Arctic, Inuit people form such seemingly unhealthy eating habits, which will lead to the emergence of adaptation to the environment in the future.


In the history of human evolution and development, all have gone through this long process, from eating raw meat to cooked food. From trees to underground life, ancient people learned to walk upright and liberate their hands. At the same time, they also learned to use their hands to make some simple tools. Life became more and more refined. In the process of hunting, ancient people learned to use tools to make fire. After seeing the delicacy of cooked food, they began to cook cooked food, which is easier for people to digest than raw meat.


Why do people from Africa come to the Arctic Circle? What did the Inuit experience? In the process of migration, this is the latest group of people. When they went to the American continent, Indians became the biggest obstacle. These people had to go all the way north to find new habitats, and finally reached the Arctic circle. So why do Inuit like raw meat? What have they experienced in the Arctic Circle?


Settle down in this deserted place. In this extremely cold environment, if you want to survive, you must first supplement the energy to meet the human body. Only by supplementing the energy can you withstand the Arctic cold. Therefore, meat has become the best choice for Inuit. Reindeer and narwhal, these high-fat and high protein meat are their favorite. This group of people also have a new name, Eskimos. In addition to these meats, Eskimos have no other choice. It’s freezing and snowy here, and it’s extremely cold. It’s difficult for vegetables and fruits to grow. Human body must get vitamins and trace elements. Eating raw meat is the best choice. After processing raw meat by fire, many of its structures will be destroyed, and it’s difficult to supplement nutrients in time.


The most important point is that in the Arctic ice and snow, food processing has become very difficult. In high latitudes, it is also very difficult to make a fire. In cold weather, it is also very difficult to hunt. Eating raw meat may be a little hotter. If it is not forced by the environment, the trust Inuit will not eat raw meat that is indigestible and unhygienic. It’s a process from being forced to eat meat to being used to eating meat. As time goes by, they have adapted to it. What’s your opinion about the Inuit who eat raw meat?

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