Why do female wolves raise human babies?

There are many stories about female wolves raising human babies. Maybe you have seen the movie “fantasy forest” or many Chinese martial arts movies have examples of children raised by wolves. We call them “wolf children”, such as Indian wolf child Kamala. Although they are human beings, their living habits and behavior habits are consistent with those of wolves. This is because infants do not receive human education from childhood, but regard female wolves as mothers. But have you ever thought about why the female wolf doesn’t eat the human child after she meets it?


There are four reasons

1. The smell of a baby


Many people may not know that the smell of infants is different from that of adults. In the eyes of wolves or many animals, this “mild” smell is not aggressive, just like “human nature is good at the beginning”. The female wolf can recognize the “good” of human infants, so as not to attack them.


2. Milk rising phenomenon

In fact, like human beings, wolves also have milk swelling phenomenon when they are in lactation. Netizens who have been mothers may know that it is very hard when they are in lactation. Human beings can use tools to relieve pain, while wolves can only relieve pain by lactation. If a female wolf is good for lactation and has just lost her son, the appearance of a human baby can just relieve the pain pain.


3. Bereavement of children


Maybe you think what Xiaobian just said is too coincidental, but it’s just such a coincidence. In fact, in nature, the survival rate of wolf cubs is really not high, and for a female wolf who has just lost her son, meeting a human baby will also stimulate her maternal love. After all, no matter what kind of creatures, maternal love is always equal.

4. Integration into the group


Perhaps many friends who like natural science will find that if you get along with an animal for a long time, other animals of the same kind will not attack you. Part of the reason is that you already have the taste of other animals. The same is true of human babies living in wolves. Moreover, the wolf pack is a matriarchal society. A female wolf plays a very important role in the wolf pack. Once a female wolf decides to raise a child, other wolves will naturally stop attacking.

So in fact, wolf children are real. If a human has received wolf education instead of human education since childhood, then he will be a “little wolf”. From this we can see how important a child’s education is.

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