Why do hackers use keyboard instead of mouse? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

Hackers must have been heard by many friends. They are a group of computer software masters who crisscross the network. Modern society is a network world. People’s life cannot be separated from the network. All human activities are basically inseparable from the network. It can be said that if there is no network in modern society, people will go crazy.

It is precisely because today is a network age, with the existence of network, there will naturally be network war, and network war is a high-tech war, which can determine the decisive victory of a war. Hackers are the executors. If hackers invade and control the satellite, it will be a disaster for a country.

What we ordinary people know more about hackers is that in some movies, we see hackers operating back and forth on the keyboard, and some incomprehensible data constantly appear on the computer. Soon we break each other’s firewall, destroy the data in each other’s computer, or copy the important data of the other party.

No matter a country or a company, they are afraid of being hacked. Some time ago, a foreign virtual currency trading network was hacked and lost tens of millions of dollars. It can be seen that hackers are all pervasive, and it is very important to do a good job in preventing hackers’ invasion.


When we see hackers in movies or in reality operating, we will find that they never use the mouse and operate only with the keyboard. Maybe there are computer experts around you. You will find that they rarely use the mouse and basically operate with the keyboard. Why?

For us ordinary people, without the mouse, we may not even be able to open the browser and control panel. In the eyes of hackers, the keyboard is much more convenient and faster than the mouse.

When we use the computer, every operation is actually a command. For example, if you want to open the browser, the mouse operation is to move to the browser, and then double-click to open it. This is actually a command. Enter the web address to open the web page, and use the keyboard command to edit the input is also a command. We can regard mouse operation as graphic operation and keyboard operation as command operation.

Our computers generally use Windows system, which is recognized by people with graphical interface. Linux implements various operations with command line, and hackers will not use Windows system, because compared with Linux, windows is much less efficient. Not only in the movies, but also in the real world, hackers operate from the command line and do not use graphical interfaces.


Mouse operation can be understood as a simple visual operation, so that those who do not understand the computer also know how to realize the operation of the computer. For hackers or computer experts, each command has been thoroughly familiar with the heart, so they will naturally choose a more efficient Linux system.

Operating the computer naturally means that the keyboard is more efficient, especially for hackers. When carrying out an invasion or defense task, they need to use various scripts and codes, and they need to input commands faster. All operations should be based on the principle of speed, so they need to use the keyboard to input commands to execute. If they use the mouse to operate, it’s too much a mistake.

As we all know, hackers have a very fast hand speed. In fact, the speed of hand speed also determines the potential of the hacker. Once a war starts in the hacker world, hackers will attack and defend by inputting commands. Hackers with the same technology will finally be compared with those who have a fast hand speed, who can give more commands than the other party, which is equivalent to comparison Fang more bullets, so that it is easy to knock down the other side.

These are the reasons why hackers only use the keyboard instead of the mouse. Of course, these are too far away for us ordinary people. We prefer the popular windows system. Using the mouse is more convenient and fast for us.


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