Why do humans age? Scientists have found some answers in immune cells

Life is the most magical and mysterious thing since the birth of the universe. The earth is fortunate to be a living planet, and human beings are fortunate to be the only intelligent life on earth. Although life is the most magical and complex thing in the universe, life is also unable to get rid of a fate, that is death.

As we all know, all kinds of celestial bodies in the universe have their own lifespan. The lifespan of stars varies according to their mass, ranging from tens of millions of years to tens of billions of years. Other celestial bodies, such as planets, black holes and so on, can not survive forever, and will die at a certain time. Of course, the life span of Tianxiu is very long, and the life span of life is often very short. Even for intelligent life like human beings, the life span is decades.

Before human beings stepped out of the era of science and technology, although many people expected to live forever, few people would think about why human beings aged and died? Aging is a process of going out of death. When a person is born in this world, as time goes on, he will slowly grow old and finally die.


When mankind entered the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, scientists began to think about the problem of why life aging and death. Especially for human beings, everyone expects to live longer and stay young forever. To achieve this goal, we need to solve the mystery of human aging.

Everyone will die one day, which is the end result of life and the basic law of the universe. However, in the process of death, it is often difficult for us to enter the embrace of death calmly. Instead, we have to experience aging and various diseases in our later years. Therefore, most people’s death is not peaceful, they all die in the torture and pain of disease.

If we can uncover the mystery of aging, we can not only let everyone continue aging and prolong their life, but also let people in the process of death, no longer suffering from diseases and suffering, be able to grow old healthily and peacefully, and die peacefully. So why do humans age? Who’s behind this?

Scientists have found that human beings will die mainly because the telomere at the end of the chromosome is playing tricks. Every time a cell divides, the telomere will become shorter, so the activity of new cells will continue to decrease. When the telomere is gone, human life will soon come to an end. So is the problem of human aging also caused by some micro cells in the body?


Some time ago, scientists have a new understanding of the occurrence of aging through research: some immune cells may play an important role in accelerating aging. A Spanish research team has proved through mouse experiments that when the metabolic capacity of T lymphocytes changes, the inflammation accumulated in the body will make the animals prematurely senile and present various “senile diseases”. Regulating the metabolic capacity of these immune cells or preventing the inflammation caused by them may help us delay aging and treat aging related diseases.

Here scientists focus on T cells, which are important immune cells in the human body. They can help the human body resist the invasion of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It is with the protection of T cells that the human body can keep healthy. If there is a problem with T cells, then all kinds of cells outside the body will be infected by viruses.

We all know that the earth is a planet of life. Apart from the life that can be seen directly, most of them are bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that we can’t see with naked eyes. These microbes live in every corner of the earth, live around us, maybe you think you are very clean, there will be no bacteria.


But in fact, if your eyes are microscopes, you will find that even in a clean room, there will be a lot of bacteria and other microorganisms. These bacteria and viruses are easy to enter the human body, but due to the existence of T cells, these bacteria and viruses can not cause harm to the human body. With the increase of human age, the ability of T cells to resist bacteria and viruses is also weakening. That’s why older people are more susceptible to infection and less responsive to vaccines.

Why do T cells decline with age? Scientists have found that it is mainly related to mitochondrial failure. Mitochondria are very important elements in T cells. With the increase of age, the performance of this element will continue to decline, and finally the T cells will continue to degenerate. So that the human body aging, the probability of getting sick is also increasing.

Moreover, scientific love also found that the change of T cells may not only reflect aging, but also be the promoter of aging. To test this hypothesis, the researchers genetically modified the mice to make their T cells lack a protein that plays a role in mitochondria, thus forcing T cells to obtain energy in a less efficient way of metabolism.

When these mice grow up to 7 months old, they are in the mood for love, but they are already aging, and their physical condition is similar to that of 22 months old! The researchers made a careful and comprehensive examination of these presenile mice, and found that their heart, brain, lung and other systems appeared a typical “coexistence of multiple diseases”, which is very similar to the human “senile disease”.


Through this mouse experiment, scientists confirmed that the immune system is responsible for accelerating aging, and the key is T cells. Since T cell defects can accelerate the rotation of the aging clock, is there any way to slow down or reverse the aging clock? The answer is yes.

The scientists then injected mice with etanercept, a drug that blocked the release of TNF – α from T cells. After a few weeks, they observed increased muscle strength, improved cognitive performance in the brain, improved heart function, and generally younger.

Through these experiments and findings, we have more knowledge about human aging. And these perceptions may help us live longer in the future. It is possible that in the near future, scientists will develop a powerful drug for human aging, which can keep T cells young all the time.


As long as the function of T cells does not decline, then the human body can significantly slow down aging, and with a strong immune capacity, even the elderly will not easily get sick. What’s more, even when a person is in his old age, he still looks young and never looks old. Even when life comes to an end, we still leave the world with young faces.

Of course, once we can keep T cells alive, we will naturally live longer. According to the latest statistics released by the World Health Organization, the overall life expectancy of Chinese population in 2016 has reached 76.4 years, and the healthy life expectancy is 68.7 years. The life expectancy of the world’s population also increased by more than 8% from 2000 to 2016.

And in the future, this number will continue to increase. If drugs that can maintain the activity of T cells are really developed, the average life expectancy of human beings may reach the limit of 120 years, and even some people may break the limit of human life, and it is possible to live several hundred years.

Some people may ask, if we can make T cells maintain a strong defense ability, is it impossible to achieve immortality? In fact, this is what you think, the determinant of human life is not only T cells, but also the telomere at the end of the chromosome. Moreover, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, it is possible to find more factors that affect human life expectancy in the future. To achieve immortality, we need to solve all the problems related to life expectancy.


However, from a scientific point of view, immortality seems to be only a kind of hope, but can not be achieved. Even if human beings finally become the overlord of the universe and solve all the mysteries of the universe, it is possible that they will not really achieve immortality and only increase the life span of human beings.

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