Why do humans begin to undress before they freeze to death? Do they see anything?

Human life in the world, life will inevitably encounter many accidents, some bad luck people may be killed by accidents. This ancient poem shows us the living conditions of ancient society. Nowadays, the living standards of human beings are improving rapidly, and human beings are frozen to death, which is rarely seen. But in some poor and cold areas, due to the lack of living materials, this phenomenon will still be seen. In some high mountains with dangerous terrain, some explorers can still be seen freezing to death on the roadside.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed such a phenomenon. Before people freeze to death, they will take off their heavy clothes and die peacefully. What’s the reason? In fact, it has something to do with the four stages that human beings go through before they freeze to death. In these four stages, the body temperature will drop from the first to the last. In this process, human beings have experienced great temperature changes, and finally have hallucinations that lead them to take off their clothes before they freeze to death.


The mechanism of human cold protection

When human beings are exposed to the cold environment, our bodies will feel the cold first. At this time, due to their own temperature regulation, human beings will subconsciously wrap up their clothes and twitch, so as to release heat. With the strengthening of this process, the energy consumption of human body is more and more. In this process, their heart rate will be higher than usual, the various organs in the body, cooperate with each other to maintain their body temperature.


Anti stripping phenomenon


With the consumption of energy, human beings will reach the last stage before freezing to death. At this time, the body temperature has reached minus 25 degrees. Even if the human body has a temperature regulation system, it will not help at this time. The blood pressure drops rapidly, all organs stop working gradually, and the human body’s perception of the outside world begins to numb. This means that the human body’s perception of the external environment is wrong, and the nerve center responsible for regulating temperature in the brain will be wrong. If the environment is warm and comfortable at this time, the human body will have abnormal thermal feeling. Under this wrong guidance, they will take off their heavy clothes and die peacefully in a warm world.


So it’s sad to say that human’s mental journey before animals die. The initial process is the most difficult. If no one can help them at that time, they will go through the coldest stage, and their facial expressions are also the most painful. Therefore, most of the frozen people we see have very peaceful faces, which is a kind of comfort for them.

In front of the natural interface, human power is still very small. Even if we have created intelligent civilization, we can’t fight with death in the extremely cold environment with our own strength. Life is the most valuable. If you lose your life, everything you do is meaningless. What do you think?


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