Why do humans change their teeth only once in their lives? Scientific research shows that this is natural selection!

Why do humans change their teeth only once in their lives? Scientific research shows that this is natural selection!


After a long period of evolution and evolution, human beings have finally formed their own civilization. Standing at the top of the food chain, they have such great advantages thanks to the human brain. The brain is the most important organ in the human body. It gives human wisdom, and it also has the consciousness of independent thinking. It distinguishes human beings from animals. Scientists are constantly in-depth studying various organs of the human body. In fact, everyone’s organs are the same. We often distinguish a person by his or her living habits and appearance. Everyone has five senses. The eyes are used to see light, and the mouth is used to eat and speak.


Since the rapid development of science and technology, the living standard of human beings has also been improved. Once many inedible foods have been eaten, and the nutrition has generally improved. With the emergence of major platforms, people can make their own delicious food without leaving home. They are also particular about eating delicious food. For some people who have bad teeth, they have no good appetite. They have to consider teeth when they eat anything. The main function of teeth is to grind food so that we can eat. Why do humans change their teeth only once in their lives? Scientific research shows that this is natural selection!


The specific function of human teeth


If a person has no teeth and swallows a large piece directly into his mouth, he will inevitably not digest it. To eat delicious food, you need to taste it well and chew it carefully. The importance of teeth to us is self-evident. Everyone has only one chance to change teeth in his life. Many people are puzzled. Since teeth are so important, why don’t they grow all the time like human hair and nails? On the contrary, when the growth reaches a certain stage, it stops growing.


There are many creatures in nature. They change their teeth almost all their lives. However, human beings can only change their teeth once in their lives. What is the reason behind this? Take a shark for example. A shark will lose 20000 or 30000 teeth in its life. Even if it loses so many teeth, it will not affect its eating and drinking at all. Any food can be caught quickly. The amazing bite force of teeth can tear up the food instantly. People begin to change their teeth almost at the age of 6-12. In the following decades, most of them use this pair of teeth. During this period, there have been many unexpected situations. They repair their teeth by medical means.


All the reasons why human teeth are changed only once


The organs of every organism are different, especially the rodents. Their teeth are very representative and can grow for life. They can kill their teeth by gnawing food, and finally balance them. However, human teeth are completely different from them. Human teeth are made up of dentin. There is a pulp cavity in the center of the teeth, which is full of pulp and has rich nerves. The reason why people have taste sense is that they have these nerves. Human teeth can’t grow indefinitely, which is actually the result of evolution.


People’s life span is only a few decades, and the growth of teeth is different. For animals, teeth are their weapons and have different needs. Through continuous evolution and evolution, different tooth dynamics are formed. People who often encounter toothache in life, although toothache is not a disease, but the pain really takes human life. Teeth are an indispensable part for everyone. What’s your understanding of teeth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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