Why do humans get cancer? After cancer cells “kill” the human body, don’t they also “die”?

Although the medical level of human beings has developed unprecedentedly, and we are no longer in a hurry to deal with some major diseases, there is still a killer in the medical field, which is cancer. At present, there is no way in the world to cure cancer completely. Many people are hairy when they hear about cancer, and many people who have cancer can’t escape death. Some people have raised the question that after cancer cells kill people, they have no host. Isn’t this not worth the loss?


The production of cancer cells


Cancer cells that contain cancer genes don’t come out of thin air. In normal human activities, all the cells are carrying out their own activities. At this time, the cells reach a state of balance. When a cell is undergoing fission and is affected by certain factors, the structure of the cell will be changed, and the cell will develop in the direction of malignancy, thus the cancer cell will be born. Once cancer cells spread in the body, it will not take long for them to fill the whole body and eventually die.


The spread of cancer cells


When cancer cells just appear, they will compete with normal cells for food sources and growth space. With the continuous expansion of cancer cells, more and more individuals will split out, and gradually compete with human beings for nutrition. Therefore, we can see that many patients with terminal cancer are thin and have no appetite because of cancer cells. Cancer cells grab the body’s energy source, continue to spread in the body, and the body’s various organs because of lack of power failure. When the cancer cells divide to a certain extent, they will compress the blood vessels. If the blood vessels can not bear such a great pressure, they will rupture.


Therefore, the reason why cancer cells kill the host is actually to obtain energy. They grow and reproduce in the human body without the supply of nutrition. At the beginning, they scramble for resources with normal cells. When they reach a certain number, they turn their attention to the human body. So the nutrition of the human body is absorbed by cancer cells, and the human body can only die slowly.


The selfishness of cancer cells


Although the survival ability of cancer cells is very powerful, they have no ability to distinguish the environment. They ask for too much energy from the human body, and eventually lead to the death of the human body, but they are not aware of this process, they just want to survive and plunder their environment. Some people say that cancer cells are selfish and they will not connect their own interests with the host. It is this selfishness that leads to the final outcome of cancer cells.


Although cancer is still incurable, but our scientists have never stopped the pace of research. With the progress of medical level, we all know that if human beings want to completely overcome a certain disease, they depend not only on drugs and treatment, but also on environment and mood. Although we can’t conquer cancer now, in the near future, human beings will be able to completely overcome it.

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