Why do humans mainly eat herbivores, but carnivores rarely touch them? You’ll see after reading it

Human beings are the overlord of the earth and the creatures at the top of the food chain. From the perspective of the hierarchy of the biological chain, any creature under human beings can become our food. However, in the long years of human life, we can find such a fact: the food of human beings is mainly herbivores, and they rarely eat carnivores.

So some people have such a question: why do humans mainly eat herbivores, but carnivores rarely touch them? Some people may say that it is because there are fewer carnivores in nature, which can not meet the needs of human life. Is that really the case? In fact, things are far from that simple. Let’s make some analysis and Research on the reasons.

First of all, we analyze the reasons from the perspective of human ancestors. We all know that although human beings are the overlord of the earth, we do not have a strong physical quality. If we rely on the strength of the body to survive, human beings may have been eliminated. We need to know that there are many beasts that can threaten human beings in nature, such as tigers, lions, elephants, etc. human beings are not rivals at all, it can be said that it is not a contest at a level.


The story of Wu Song’s fighting against tigers only appears in novels. In the real world, even if special forces encounter wild tigers in the forest, they can hardly be their opponents without weapons. Human beings dominate the world by wisdom and unity. With powerful weapons, modern human beings are not afraid of those beasts.

However, in ancient times, the ancestors of human beings only had simple work such as branches and stones. It was very dangerous and the success rate was very low for such tools to prey on those powerful predators. So our ancestors could only hunt and prey on herbivores. Compared with carnivores, herbivores were weaker and easier to catch. The risk will be greatly reduced.

So in the long years of evolution, our ancestors were used to eating herbivores, and this habit has been engraved in human genes with millions of years of evolution. Although we are intelligent life and powerful human civilization, the signal from our genes is to stay away from carnivores and like herbivores.

Some people may say that human beings are intelligent life, and we will be affected by genes? In fact, this kind of influence is very big. I believe many friends know that some ethnic minorities do not eat pork. The reason is that their ancestors were helped by pigs. Eating pigs is equivalent to eating benefactor, so they will stay away from pork, which is a signal engraved in the gene from their ancestors.


Secondly, there is a food enrichment effect in nature. Many people may not understand what the food enrichment effect is. In fact, it is simply the accumulation of toxins. I believe that no one is not afraid of poison, the kind of inviolable constitution in the novel does not exist in reality. Everyone is afraid of poison, and poisonous substances are very common in nature.

We all know that plants are at the bottom of nature’s biological chain, and many plants in nature are poisonous, but the intensity and amount of toxin are different. Generally speaking, when animals eat these grasses, they are eating poison, but part of the poison can be excreted from the body. And these herbivores in the long years of evolution, also formed a body not afraid of poison, even eat poisonous grass will not die.

After herbivores eat poisonous grass, part of the poison is discharged from the body, while the other part is left in the body. This is the first-order toxin enrichment in the food chain. Although there are few toxic substances in Yizhu grass, because rabbits eat more grass, these toxic substances are further enriched in rabbits. After the wolf eats the rabbit, these toxins will accumulate in the wolf’s body, and then the tiger eats the wolf and continues to accumulate in the tiger’s body.


Through the food enrichment effect, we can see that the animals that eat grass have the least toxins. And the powerful carnivores feed on herbivores, so they have a lot of toxins in their bodies, far more than herbivores. If humans feed on carnivores, the possibility of poisoning and illness will be greatly increased.

I believe many friends know that many viruses in the human world come from wild animals, which are mainly carnivores. We often say that illness comes from eating. For the same two healthy people, one feeds on herbivores all the year round, and the other feeds on carnivores all the year round. As time goes on, the probability of the two people getting sick will be greatly different. The probability of the one who feeds on carnivores is obviously higher than that of the one who feeds on herbivores.

So, for our health, don’t eat wild animals, especially carnivorous wild animals. It’s very likely that their accumulated toxins will be transferred to your body. The human body itself has very weak resistance to poison, and it is easy to get sick. For the sake of nature and human health, we are still far away from carnivorous wild animals.

Finally, from a very important law of the universe, we explore why humans rarely eat carnivores. I believe that some people know the principle of entropy increase, which is the second law of thermodynamics and the most basic law of the universe. The theory of entropy increase represents the chaos degree of a system, and it is an irreversible process.


From the moment of the birth of the universe, entropy is increasing, which leads to more and more chaos in the universe, and finally ushers in the end. If we don’t clean up our room for a while, it will become chaotic, which is the reason for the increase of entropy. In the human system, entropy has been increasing since the day of birth, so the arrangement of human atoms will gradually change from order to disorder, and human beings will also usher in aging and eventually die.

Entropy increase is a universal law in nature. To fight against entropy increase, organisms rely on eating, that is, eating food weaker than themselves, and expelling disordered entropy. Only in this way can the speed of entropy increase be slowed down, and life can live longer. Human get energy through food, resist entropy and death.

The animal kingdom maintains its life by eating food with less entropy than itself. Under this arrangement, nature forms a food chain, herbivores omnivores carnivores. This is a simple food chain model. Some people may say, what does entropy theory have to do with the fact that humans mainly eat herbivores?


Here we will talk about the different roles and functions of organisms in nature. According to different functions, organisms are mainly divided into three categories: producers, consumers and decomposers. Producers are organisms that can produce nutrients from inorganic substances, such as plants.

Consumers refer to other organisms or organisms mainly composed of organic matter. At the same time, they are divided into primary consumers, secondary consumers and tertiary consumers according to the different foods they eat. Human beings, like tigers and lions, belong to the highest level of consumers.

Decomposer is also called reductor. Bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes and other organisms with decomposing ability in the ecosystem, including some protozoa and saprophytic animals. They can decompose the complex organic matter in the animal and plant residues into simple inorganic matter and release it into the environment for the producers to use again.

Among the different roles and functions of the whole organism, there is a main line, that is, the flow of energy, and the flow of energy is unidirectional. From producers to consumers, and then to more advanced consumers, the energy in the food chain is transferred among different organisms. However, there is a consumption in energy transfer. Generally speaking, more than 80% of energy will be consumed when energy is transferred between different consumption.


After reading this, I believe many friends understand that herbivores have the most energy, because they are grass-roots animal consumers, while carnivores like tigers and lions have less energy due to the constant consumption of energy in the process of transmission. The survival and health of human beings need energy, we will naturally choose higher energy food.

Therefore, nutritionists often suggest that we should eat more vegetables. Many people know that eating more vegetables is very good for human health, but they don’t know the specific reasons. Now we know, that’s because plants have the highest energy, followed by herbivores. From this point of view, it is very normal for humans to eat herbivores.

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