Why do Japanese Geisha paint their faces so white that they can’t get married!

I believe many readers are familiar with the word “geisha”, but few people know that at first all geisha were men. They were born in Tokyo and Osaka in the 17th century.

They play traditional drumming and rap in brothels and casinos. Around 1750, the first geisha appeared. In the middle of the 18th century, geisha were gradually occupied by women. The reason why Japanese Geisha can’t get married by painting their faces white is too real.

Every country has its own cultural characteristics. China has many cultural characteristics, so does Japan. Of course, the most mysterious and curious one is Geisha in Japan. I believe many people have heard of this profession in movies and TV works and are very curious about it.

Japanese Geisha are different from Chinese brothel women. They were selected from childhood, carefully taught by teachers, and received geisha education from childhood. It can be said that geisha is a living art. They exist to relieve boredom. They are mysterious, beautiful and elegant.


Geisha culture in Japan has existed for a long time, and geisha still exist in Japan today. However, they no longer only serve for dignitaries, and tourists from other places have become their guests.

These geisha have a common feature is to wear kimonos. In addition, they will whiten their bare skin, and then dot their lips and distinctive eyebrows.

Geisha’s face was painted white because there was no light in the past. Only by painting his face white and white can he look more beautiful in the candlelight. However, do not paint your hands white to make the guest feel clean.

Many people have a wrong view of the geisha industry. It’s a performing art, not showing off pornography or selling your body. Although Japanese traditional geisha have been protected, under the impact of modern culture, geisha industry will inevitably decline from prosperity.


According to industry regulations, geisha are not allowed to marry during their employment. Otherwise, we have to retire first to keep the image of geisha “pure”.

It is said that geisha need to put a layer of transparent sticky material on their faces before making up, and then apply a thick layer of white paint, so that their expressions can not be too rich.

However, after making up, this rather rigid way of expression makes geisha always keep euphemistic and firm reserve in front of guests.

There was no joy, anger, sadness in her heavily made up face, and she grasped it just right between looking around and moving forward and backward.


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