Why do lions and tigers take a detour when they see giant pandas? After watching the origin of the giant panda, I understand

The earth is a world rich in species. In the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, countless kinds of creatures have been born. Due to the five mass extinctions and the law of the jungle in the animal world, many animals have been extinct one after another. And the overlord on the land is constantly changing. In the early days of the earth, there was an era when insects were the king. At that time, insects were extremely large, which was called the era of insects, and they were the overlord of the earth at that time.

After the insect age, the dinosaur Dynasty came. 65 million years ago, dinosaurs dominated the earth 160 million years by their size. After the extinction of dinosaurs, intelligent human beings appeared, and human beings became the new overlord of the earth relying on their own wisdom. But in the animal kingdom, there is still their land overlord. I believe many people know that tigers are the king of the forest and lions are the king of the grassland. They are animals at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. They have few natural enemies.

Maybe in the eyes of many people, there are no animals that tigers and lions dare not fight. But there is one animal that has not been eaten by tigers and lions since ancient times. This animal is the giant panda that we are very familiar with.


I believe people are familiar with giant panda, a cute animal. It is a first-class protected animal in our country and a real national treasure. Perhaps in many people’s minds, giant pandas are very gentle animals. With their round bodies and two big black circles under their eyes, they look very cute. Many people love giant pandas very much.

Some people may say that the giant panda is a state-level protected animal. It is so well protected that the tiger and the lion have no chance to contact each other. Naturally, the giant panda will not be eaten by the tiger. But in fact, giant pandas have become first-class protected animals in recent decades. In ancient times, there were a large number of giant pandas, which were not protected animals. Naturally, there were many chances to meet tigers and lions in the wild. Why has it never been recorded that giant pandas were eaten by tigers?

Since there has been no record of giant pandas being eaten by tigers and lions since ancient times, it can only show one fact: the fighting capacity of giant pandas is not weak, and the tigers and lions may also know that giant pandas are not easy to be provoked, or they have suffered losses on giant pandas, so they are not willing to have conflicts when they see giant pandas, but walk around.

Is the fighting capacity of giant pandas really strong? In fact, it’s true that many people may only see the panda Mengmeng and be deceived by its lovely appearance. If we can understand the origin and history of the giant panda carefully, you will understand that the giant panda is not a simple animal, its combat effectiveness is very strong.


As we all know, nature is a very cruel world, especially for animals, the law of the jungle is fatal, many animals are difficult to survive for a long time, and the giant panda is a very old animal, it has 8 million years of history. Eight million years ago, the ancestor of the giant panda, the first panda, appeared.

In ancient times, the giant panda also had a domineering name, iron eating beast, which is said to be Chiyou’s mount. It can be seen that the giant panda has been famous in ancient times, and it can last for 8 million years. Up to now, without its strong fighting capacity, it would have been destroyed by other animals. What about the fighting capacity of cute giant pandas?

In fact, the giant panda is also a branch of the bear family. We all know that the bear family is absolutely at the top of the food chain in the terrestrial animal kingdom. They are the overlord of the land along with tigers and lions. Moreover, the bear not only has high attack value, but also has better defense ability than tigers and lions. So a bear fighting a tiger or a lion is more likely to win. Although the bear may not have the tiger and lion’s flexible body and good bite force, the bear’s skin is very thick, and the strong defense ability makes the tiger and lion intolerant of the bear.


The giant panda ranks the fourth in the bear family in terms of combat effectiveness. Although it ranks the fourth, it is the bear that tigers and lions are most worried about. If a tiger encounters other bears in the forest, he may go to fight and kill them, but when he encounters a giant panda, he will make a detour. The reason for this is that the giant panda has several special abilities.

Since the giant panda is a bear, its skin is also very thick. I believe many friends have seen this. The zoo keeper grabs the red panda by directly carrying its neck forward. The reason is that Pete in the position of the red panda is not thick. He doesn’t have to worry about grabbing the red panda here. And we can also see in the zoo that the little panda plays, climbs up a very high tree, and then accidentally falls down from the tree. What’s wrong is that he doesn’t get up to play again.

If other animals fall from such a high tree, they will be injured even if they don’t die, but the red panda is totally OK. This is the giant panda’s strong defense ability. Even if a tiger or a lion bites its neck, it is difficult to cause fatal damage to the giant panda because the skin is too thick.

Secondly, the bite force of giant pandas is very strong in the animal world. What kind of animals have you seen that can easily crush bamboo? You should know that the hardness of bamboo is not weak. Only the strong bite force of giant pandas can easily crush bamboo. From this, we can see how strong the bite force of giant pandas is. The reason why they have such a strong bite force is that giant pandas evolved from the long years of practice after they gave up eating meat and switched to eating bamboo. This is a gift from nature to giant pandas.


Giant pandas have such a strong bite force. When they are attacked by tigers and lions, they have strong defense. It will be ok if they are bitten by tigers and lions for a while. When giant pandas turn back to bite tigers and lions, the situation may be completely different. The skin of tigers and lions is far less thick than that of giant pandas. Once they are bitten by the neck of giant pandas, it will definitely bring huge damage. If they are not bitten well, they will be killed The giant panda killed him.

The reason why tigers and lions don’t take the initiative to attack giant pandas may be that their ancestors once suffered a great loss under the bite of giant pandas. Therefore, passing on the memory from generation to generation makes tigers and lions remember that giant pandas are creatures that can’t be easily provoked. In addition to the thick skin and strong bite force, the giant panda has a awesome skill: climbing trees.

Although giant pandas are fat, they are not clumsy at all. Their running speed is not slow, and their ability to climb trees is super strong. No matter how tall a tree is, giant pandas can easily and quickly climb it. The reason why they have such strong tree climbing technology is also related to the fact that giant pandas eat bamboo. You should know that bamboo is usually not short. If giant pandas want to eat fresh bamboo, they need to climb above the bamboo to eat it. In this way, giant pandas gradually have a good ability to climb trees.


If the giant panda has a good ability to climb trees, it will have an important capital to survive in the forest. Once in danger, the giant panda will climb up the tree. Moreover, giant pandas are naturally timid, and they will be scared out of their wits. Perhaps it is because of the giant panda’s character that the ancestors of the giant panda finally gave up eating meat and began to eat bamboo, which no animal likes, so that no animal would compete with them.

Giant pandas have strong fighting power, and the bamboo they eat basically does not have disputes with other animals. Therefore, giant pandas have survived for generations and become an ancient species in the long years. After entering the era of science and technology, due to human activities, the number of giant pandas is decreasing, and there is a risk of extinction. Fortunately, we listed the giant panda as a first-class protected animal in time, so that they can continue.

I believe that many friends will not be afraid of giant pandas, but will like them even more after they know their combat effectiveness. People have to sigh that it’s really cute to live by selling cute people instead of relying on strength.

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