Why do many European and American countries prohibit the installation of dash cam? You’ll see after reading this

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more cars now. There are two kinds of safety electronic products on cars that are widely configured by people. One is the electronic dog, which is an anti speeding artifact, and the other is the anti collision and anti accident artifact. In the past, many cars didn’t install this one, but in recent years, more and more cars are equipped with dash cam Many, basically has become the standard car. But the very popular dash cam in China is forbidden in many European and American countries. Why?

The dash cam records all the sounds you make while driving on the road and the images around you during driving. With this instrument, you can better help the traffic police deal with the accident when you encounter a traffic accident and quickly get insurance claims. In some cases where the person responsible for the accident is unknown, with the situation recorded by the dash cam, you can quickly judge who is responsible.

In fact, most of the time people install dash cam is not to prevent accidents, but to prevent porcelain bumping. I don’t know when there have been more porcelain bumping incidents in China. Moreover, many porcelain bumping incidents are still organized by gangs, which makes it impossible for you to prevent them. Once these professional porcelain bumping teams encounter them, if you don’t have any substantial evidence, it’s really reasonable and clear, and sometimes it’s difficult for the traffic police to deal with them Such incidents.

With the dash cam, it’s different. Whether the other party hit the porcelain or not, whether it was you or the other party intentionally hit your car, the dash cam records clearly, so that the traffic police or police will judge whether the other party really hit the porcelain or not according to this, so that you can avoid losing a lot of money. If there is no recorder record, once you encounter porcelain, you can only admit that you have bad luck and lose money.


Why do many European and American countries prohibit the installation of dash cam? Isn’t that a good thing? With it, we can record all the evidence. In case of porcelain bumps or accidents, we can also use the evidence. The reason why some European and American countries prohibit the installation of dash cam is mainly related to the information protection of privacy in these countries.

We know that European and American countries attach great importance to the protection of personal information. Unlike our domestic countries, personal information can be freely published on the Internet. However, in European and American countries, if personal information is freely published on the Internet without the consent of the parties, it is illegal and there is a lawsuit. Therefore, there are relatively few personal information on the Internet in European and American countries.

Moreover, in some European and American countries, the image data recorded by the dash cam can not be made public or used as evidence. People in European and American countries also have a strong sense of personal information protection. They don’t want to record their own lives and put them on the Internet. Citizens’ private lives are strictly protected. Even the video shots in the videos are prohibited Yes, once the privacy of the public finds that someone uses an instrument to shoot, they will be punished or fined, and the punishment will be more severe if it has a significant impact.

Of course, not all European and American countries prohibit the installation of dash cam, and some countries allow the installation, but the installation is not as casual as our domestic, and there is a certain management and supervision, which is the different national conditions. People in our country do not have the same meaning of protecting personal privacy as those in European and American countries, and many people especially like to publish the scenes of their lives at will Let people watch online, not to mention the protection of personal information.


The situation in China is special. There are more and more cars. It’s not good without dash cam. Maybe there are cameras in the main streets. Once encountering porcelain bumps or accidents, they can also record them. But in some dead corners or places without cameras, once encountering porcelain bumps or facts, there is no video record, and the traffic police can’t judge whose fault it is. Only dash cam can record them at any time Some.

People would rather sacrifice some personal privacy for their own money bag and not be wronged, but also install a dash cam. The most important thing is that the image recorded by the dash cam can be used as evidence in our country, which also provides great help for preventing porcelain collision. If there is no such dash cam, how many drivers will be touched The blackmail of porcelain.

Dash cam is a double-edged sword in China. It can reduce the accident rate and provide effective evidence, but it also involves personal privacy issues. In other words, maybe the domestic privacy protection mechanism and laws are not perfect, and many people do not pay enough attention to the protection of privacy, which is also worth thinking about.

My friend, do you have a dash cam in your car? Do you think privacy is important or your pocket is important? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.


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