Why do more and more people have organs that have been eliminated for a long time?

The organs that were eliminated in human evolution are now recovered. Are they degeneration or evolution?


The evolution of mankind is slow and long. Fortunately, we have made great efforts to form our own civilization. In this long process of evolution, the thick hair on the body has been gradually removed, and some key hair, such as hair, nose hair, armpit hair, etc., have been retained. These have certain protective effects on the human body, and many unused organs have gradually disappeared. They have no meaning of existence and will only bring more pain to human beings.


Every organ of the human body has its own function


Every organ of the human body has a function. The brain controls human consciousness. Human behavior is made by the command of the brain. The heart is the most core organ. Once the heart stops beating, it means the end of life. Many organs in the process of human physiological activities, due to improper play is easy to cause inflammation, and eventually be directly removed, such as gallbladder, appendix and so on. According to the principle of using, discarding and retreating, it’s only a matter of time before the organs that can’t be used will disappear one day. The organs that were eliminated in human evolution are now recovered. Are they degeneration or evolution?


In recent years, scientists have found a bad sign that organs that have disappeared for many years have grown up again. Its appearance has sounded an alarm for human beings. Is it evolution or degradation? It’s the Faber bone at the human knee. It’s part of the knee. Few people remember it when it disappeared. The main function is to provide strong support for the tendon, which does not play a role in most of the time of its existence, leading to the final scrap and direct disappearance.


Faber bone disappeared and reappeared many years later


The faberi bone disappeared more than 100 years ago. Some people speculate that its disappearance is related to the living standard of human beings. Long term sedentary makes the faberi bone lose its original value and gradually degenerate. According to research, in the past two years, 40% of the total number of people have farbey bone, and more and more people have this bone again. Scientists say that its emergence may have a great relationship with human living habits. With the emergence of various fitness equipment, in order to maintain the body’s balance, many people have the habit of exercise. The appearance of faberi bone can help people enhance the ability of joint movement and reduce the injury to the knee in a certain sense.


For this kind of lost and recovered organ, perhaps many people have not noticed. At present, it is certain that the appearance of faberi bone is not harmful to human body, and it may have certain significance for the future development and evolution of human beings. Some people think that the appearance of Fabry bone goes against the law of nature, and ultimately everything is the result of natural selection. Nowadays, with the emergence of various high technologies, mobile phones and computers have a huge impact on human cervical spine and eyes, and these organs of the body carry too much load.


For human beings, the reappearance of faberi bone may be a good thing. It is conducive to human movement, but it is also harmless. Of course, not all organs grow in the body for good. Many people grow tumors in the body due to improper diet or other reasons, threatening human life all the time. In the face of the sudden appearance of organs, we should not panic. After understanding it, we can judge whether it is good or bad. Do you have such a view on the appearance of faberi bone again? You can leave a message for interaction.

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