Why do most scientists begin to think that octopus is not a living thing on earth?

Recently, there is a rumor that octopus comes from outer space. Before testing the authenticity of this statement, we need to first confirm the knowledge of the origin of life. Nowadays, life can only be born from life, which is beyond doubt, but if there are microorganisms in expired bread, it is because of microbial pollution. But this kind of bread didn’t exist on the earth before its first microorganism was born, so how did it come from?


According to the first known fact that life may have originated from inorganic matter, Miller, a famous chemist, once carried out experiments with flask simulation, and concluded that the environment of the primitive earth could synthesize simple organic matter. However, human beings also know that organic matter does not mean life. For example, broth is organic matter, but broth will not form life, so if we want to form life, Something else is needed.

Many hot springs have been found in the galapax sea. In fact, these hot springs are in continuous flow, spewing materials from the mantle. After analyzing some of the materials, scientists found that the size of these materials is not much different from the size of cells. Moreover, scientists used submarines to investigate, and found that the number of organisms has been in a state of sharp decline from the sea level until there was no life at all However, many animals are found near the hot spring mouth. After all, only solar radiation can bring energy. However, in this kind of deep seabed, this kind of heat exists. How does the heat come from? Maybe it’s near the hot spring.


For example, when the hot spring continues to erupt, the water here is in a supercritical state, so the water in the supercritical state will generate energy by moving, and the hydrogen ion can be used for life. The history of the earth is long enough. There are many small holes in these rocks, so will real life be born in a small hole? This life is the first life on the earth.


So why do we say that octopus came from outer space? Because the ancestors of Octopus appeared in the Cambrian period. After all, it’s not easy for these mollusks to survive when they are very oxygen rich.

First of all, the retina of octopus is very developed. The life style of human beings is reversed, and there is often retinal detachment, but octopus can really see things through the retina, and there is no concept of retinal detachment. At the same time, human beings have brains, and the brain is only concentrated in the human head, but the octopus brain is distributed in the whole body, and its nervous system has been purified to history It’s a new height. So as we all know, octopus is one of the most intelligent cephalopods.


So scientists think that perhaps the early evolution of life was not perfect enough, so other simple organisms in the ocean exchanged genes, such as genetic material RNA or DNA, thus forming organisms on earth, such as octopus. But this hypothesis is too difficult to find the support of theory and classics. At present, it is only a hypothesis. If we want to verify whether it really exists, we need a lot of scientific basis.

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