Why do people give dreams to their relatives after death? Scientists explain this! The answer is not feudal superstition

When Yin and yang are separated, people need to explain the cause and effect of events, people need to state, but when Yin and yang are separated, how do we exchange information?


People think that a special way to transmit information is needed. For example, burning paper, channeling, upper body and dreaming. According to scientific theory, the reason why people dream is that brain movement does not stop.

What they experience or think when they are awake during the day is likely to be automatically dreamt by the brain in a symbolic way at night.


Scientific research shows that people dream most of the time when they sleep, but many people don’t remember what they dream when they wake up.


“Tuomeng” exists in Taoism and folk beliefs. Many people believe that if ghosts and gods have something to tell living people, they can appear in people’s dreams and ask for explanations, or show them to people in various situations, so as to predict good or bad luck.

Of course, there are some special cases, such as those ghosts who died in vain will entrust others to explain the case clearly because of their unwillingness. For example, the fairy wanted to warn Tan Yue to be loyal.


In fact, this is superstition, family dreams should be more of a psychological state, is obsessed with their loved ones, so that people can see their loved ones in their dreams after their loved ones leave.


Even if there are ghosts, relatives will not hurt you. What is there to worry about and be afraid of? Quantum physics explains that it emphasizes the induction between particles. This inductive phenomenon is called synchronic effect.

From the scientific point of view of quantum physics, induction will occur between two quantum pairs. It can even transmit information over long distances. So some people think that the phenomenon of dreams is a quantum physical effect between the underworld and the Yang.

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