Why do people go to hell? The professor proved the damned truth through clever experiments

Many people have heard of ghosts and gods. Have you ever experienced them? This topic has always been controversial. Xiao Bian has never experienced it, but he often hears relatives and friends around him talk about what they have seen and heard.

Some people firmly believe that they have seen ghosts, but only the parties themselves know the truth. Perhaps the parties were in a state of delirium at that time.


Today, with the development of science and technology, people pay attention to science in everything they do, so many people insist that ghosts and gods do not exist, they are just human imagination. Is that really the case?

Since human civilization, faith has gradually evolved, the earliest is the emergence of totem, today has become a variety of religions.

In the beginning, some religions believed that human beings were dualistic and that soul and body were separated.


Confucius said “respect ghosts and gods, but stay away”. It can be seen that Confucianism also thinks that ghosts will be separated from the body after people’s death, but these illusory things should be kept away and sneered at.

It can be seen that compared with the pragmatic Confucianists, they can not escape this problem, let alone other thoughts.


Alice Gregory is a professor of psychology at goldsmith University in the UK. She found the truth through her research.

Alice Gregory thinks that most people see ghosts because of their lack of self concentration, and the unrealistic things they see are actually imagined by themselves.

She believes that human sleep disorders can cause this kind of ghost phenomenon, such as feeling that there are other things in bed in the middle of the night, suddenly unable to move in the middle of sleep and so on.


When people enter deep sleep or rapid eye movement sleep, the brain can not control the body, vision and hearing may be blocked, people’s consciousness will be separated from the body, so that the body can perceive the wrong feeling, making people mistakenly think that they are haunted.

In addition, according to Alice Gregory, about 8% of people maintain their consciousness in some form during deep sleep or REM sleep, so when they wake up, they associate dreams with reality in one place, so there is the saying of seeing ghosts.


It’s because of these explanations by Alice Gregory that some people feel relieved and don’t believe in those gossipy things any more.

Professor Olaf Blanco also did an experiment to help people explain this damned phenomenon.

He blindfolded the experimenter, blocked his ears and left him alone. When the experimenter was afraid of the surrounding environment, he used an instrument to touch the experimenter’s hand and hit the experimenter’s back.


At this time, the experimenters will feel flustered, and wonder how many people there are. Gradually, they will become uneasy.

Olaf Blanco wants the experimenters to be uneasy. When people are anxious, impatient and afraid, the brain is easy to produce all kinds of associations. This is the ghost phenomenon and the illusion of perception.


Xiaobian a while ago because of the mental state is not very good, the pressure is relatively large, so in the afternoon nap often occur “ghost pressure bed” phenomenon.

That is, in a daze, I feel that I am awake, but my body can’t move. All the struggles are invalid, and I can’t do it even if I want to shout.

Although it’s mysterious, it doesn’t mean that ghosts exist.


Just like the two experiments mentioned above, some people encounter these ghosts when they are in a bad mental state.

Want to solve, the only way is to strengthen their own heart, analysis of the causes of this illusion, perhaps see, want to understand, will not be afraid.


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