Why do people often cry when they burn corpses in cremators? The staff have no intention of revealing the truth

Birth, aging and death are things that everyone will experience, and the way to deal with them after death is different. In ancient times, most people buried their bodies in the earth, because they advocated the idea that leaves fall to their roots.


With the progress of the times and the rise of awareness of environmental protection, cremation is now advocated. Cremation can reduce land area and prevent environmental pollution.

Because cremation is strongly advocated, the probability of people going to crematorium is also high. Some people will feel very scared when they go to crematorium. They can always hear the strange “cry” from crematorium when they burn corpses. This makes the crematorium more terrifying and dark.


But why do people cry when they burn corpses in cremators. Is there really a ghost? Crematorium workers tell the truth.


According to crematorium staff revealed that this kind of “cry” is very normal. The causes of death are different. Some people die at the end of their lives, while others die in accidents.

Due to different causes of death, the state of the corpse will be different, and the internal structure of the body will change during incineration.


For example, if a person is killed in a car accident, the body will have a large area of wounds, will come into contact with air and water, and will expand after high temperature burning, thus making a sound.


If a person drowns, a large amount of water and air will gather in the lungs of the drowning person. During the cremation process, the air and water will be discharged along the throat. In addition, the burning power is great, and the body will explode due to sudden heat and pressure, so it will emit a cry similar to “crying”.

But sometimes, even if we are clear about these principles and know that this is a normal phenomenon and has nothing to do with supernatural phenomena, most people will still be scared into a cold sweat. Friends, are you afraid?

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