Why do people say Da Vinci is an alien? Looking at his achievements, are you really right?

When many people mention Da Vinci, the first thing they think of is his world famous painting “Mona Lisa”. Until now, the meaning behind “Mona Lisa” is still not fully understood. In fact, in addition to his profound attainments in painting, Da Vinci has also made great achievements in the fields of medicine, biology and even science. Some people even compare Da Vinci to “the Encyclopedia of human beings”.


This is not an exaggeration. Leonardo da Vinci left many manuscripts after his death. After re examining these manuscripts, scientists found that his thoughts were too far ahead of time. Now that human beings have entered the era of science and technology, Da Vinci began to explore the mystery of human body more than 500 years ago, which really shocked people.


Da Vinci sleep


Leonardo da Vinci once created a sleep method, which is still considered by many people to be the most efficient working method. He believes that human beings have to sleep for 15 minutes after working for 4 hours. In this way, even if the sleeping time is less than an hour and a half a day, human beings will not feel tired and their work efficiency can be greatly improved. This working method has been recognized by many people, but Xiaobian thinks that this method is still different from person to person and is not advocated.


The invention of Da Vinci


When Da Vinci saw the free flying birds in the sky, he suddenly had a bold idea in his heart. Why can birds fly in the sky, but human beings can’t? So he began to study flight devices. He once designed several helicopters and aircraft. Although the experiments failed, they were very advanced at that time. In 1495, Leonardo da Vinci created the human body machine. Many people suddenly thought of artificial intelligence after seeing his achievements. Isn’t this the intelligent robot on the market now?


In addition, Leonardo da Vinci also has profound military attainments. Who would have thought that a painter even served as a military engineer. He designed many advanced military equipment, including tanks and military parachutes, which is no inferior to modern society. Leonardo da Vinci once designed a password barrel. If human beings want to know the secrets in the password barrel, they must input five passwords correctly. These five passwords can not be easily input correctly. There are five turntables in the password barrel, and each turntable has 26 letters. If we want to try one by one, we have to wait until the end of time.


In fact, these achievements are only a part of Leonardo da Vinci’s curriculum vitae, and there are still many fantastic ideas waiting for human beings to explore. It is understood that Leonardo da Vinci once left more than 7000 pages of manuscripts, and only 5000 pages remain so far. Therefore, some people doubt what is in his head? Is the universe easy for him? This can also understand why some people suspect that Da Vinci is an alien. I don’t know what people think?

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