Why do people say “Millennium ginseng can run”? After reading the reason, I suddenly realized!

It is said that “the Millennium ginseng can run”. How did it run? The old man told the reason behind!


Looking back on the past history, countless scientists were born. They left many inventions and put forward many beneficial theories, leaving precious wealth for the world. These wealth can’t be bought with money, promoting the development of human society. Human beings have a history of more than 2 million years on the earth. In ancient times, due to the limitation of technology, there were also some defects in thinking, many of which were not perfect Natural phenomena are covered with a layer of mystery, these phenomena now cause a lot of curiosity.


Everyone has a yearning for the unknown. The old people often say that the Millennium ginseng can run. What’s the matter? In our impression, Millennium ginseng belongs to a kind of plant. How can it run without legs? Since ancient times, life is a kind of precious medicinal material, which is hard to find for thousands of years. Ordinary people rarely see ginseng. The legend that ginseng can run has been handed down from generation to generation. Many people always have a reverence for ginseng. It is often found in the mountains, but the probability of finding ginseng is very small. It is said that “the Millennium ginseng can run”. How did it run? The old man told the reason behind!


When planting ginseng, many people will tie a red rope on the ginseng and mark it well. They will take it again in a few years. In this way, when the ginseng grows up, it can still be sold at a higher price. However, a few years later, when human beings go back to dig ginseng, they find that the ginseng is missing. It is not in its original position at all. Instead, it moves further, even the original red line And they didn’t find it.


Some people think that the red line and ginseng have grown together. With the movement of the earth’s crust, nature is gradually changing, and ginseng has also changed its original position. This phenomenon is easy to understand in modern times. In ancient times, due to limited technology and relatively risky thinking, there was a legend that ginseng could run for thousands of years.


The movement of the earth’s crust is not fixed. During the period of development, it is difficult for us to ensure that the earth’s crust will not move. In the process of movement, everything in the world will change slightly, and the position of the Millennium ginseng will also change. Therefore, it is not because the Millennium ginseng has long legs and can run, but because of natural reasons. Ginseng is a very rare medicinal material, We only know its name, but not its body. This kind of medicinal material is often obtained, which can make a windfall, so many people are eager to find the habitat of ginseng.


In addition to the Millennium ginseng race, there are many strange legends in ancient times. These legends seem very strange, and there is a certain truth behind them. Many phenomena in the world can be explained by science. Even if there are many unexplained phenomena, we can uncover their mystery one day through our joint efforts Veil, what do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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